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Home » Volunteer Surveys: The Best Questions to Ask (& Templates!). Identify areas of improvement as required. Market research (such as volunteer attitudes and motivation), Collecting volunteer feedback is one of the best ways to empower your volunteers, improve their volunteering experience, and bolster, . You may choose to collect some of the following information from your volunteers, depending on your organization’s needs: When used effectively, volunteer surveys can help your organization improve programming, direct recruitment efforts, and develop substantial qualitative reports. You don’t want to force your volunteers to choose an answer that doesn’t apply to them. However, bear in mind that some of your volunteers may not have internet access or email addresses. Very Likely, Likely, Unsure, Unlikely, Very Unlikely. Once you decide which survey is right for your use case, you can use the guide and the nonprofit volunteer survey samples below to formulate the right volunteer survey questions. A volunteer survey is a questionnaire that asks individuals about their recent volunteer experiences with you. Volunteer engagement and intention to quit from a self‐determination theory perspective. Redi is designed for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. These probing questions should help you to understand what motivates your volunteers, how they perceive the effectiveness of the work they do, and how your organization can support their work. • Establishing a basic framework will provide a base to build on over time. When people are engaged in their community, there are benefits to the volunteer, to the people and organizations that they serve and, for the community as a whole. Respondents to Q3, “Tell us what worked well for you about the application process to be a volunteer?” valued a simple clear process which provided: concise information about their role and If you’re worried about receiving honest and constructive feedback, make your surveys and forms anonymous. Select: 0-10, 10-20, 20-40.”, Instead: “How many hours did you volunteer this month? We asked them if they have adopted each … Top 10 Questions to Ask Before You Volunteer. Ask questions like, “How appreciated did your volunteer supervisor make you feel?” and, “How easy was it to get along … Is there anything we can do to improve your registration experience? Striking a balance between too few and too many questions is key to collecting insightful data from your volunteers. and best practices, as well as downloadable volunteer survey templates and samples to guide you along the way. A volunteer survey is a worthwhile addition to any nonprofit’s toolbox. Do you feel like a valued member of our organization? When analyzing the answers to open-ended questions like these, bear in mind that the answers will yield, results. Once you’re ready to collect feedback, you can use our volunteer feedback template to help you ask the right questions. Some of the questions may overlap with your satisfaction survey, but here you’re asking volunteer. Find out when you ask for volunteer feedback.Subjects such as training, relationships with their co-volunteers and supervisors, and overall satisfaction with the experience can mean the difference between your volunteers continuing to support your cause and moving on to something else. Are there any areas of improvement you’d like to see in training, such as the length of training? It’s the volunteer engagement survey. Announce your survey on social media or your website and include a link to the survey location. Do you feel comfortable sharing your input or suggestions with us? Decide on the information you want to share with your audience. Try this survey template for free! Therefore, your volunteer survey should only take a few minutes to complete (around 10-12 questions). Selection: 0-10, 11-20, 21-40.”. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Do you want to improve volunteer well-being? With this feedback, you can improve your programs and attract more volunteers. When analyzing the answers to open-ended questions like these, bear in mind that the answers will yield qualitative results. Volunteer opportunities for volunteers that want to help with the COVID-19 crisis. None, 1-3 hours, 4-6 hours, 7+ hours, Please rate the training you received. systems have integrated volunteer survey templates and questions tools to enable coordinators to capture the information they need when a volunteer registers with your site, signs up for a shift, or logs hours. If you have not registered with an opportunity yet, please specify. Arranging conferences Test your questions with a small focus group of volunteers or staff before distributing them to the entire sample. Use these online survey questions to collect volunteer information and determine their interests and skills. What do you think is the most important work you do to support paid staff? Very Likely, Likely, Unsure, Unlikely, Very Unlikely, How many hours of training did you receive for your assigned volunteer role? There are a lot of questions that go into making and conducting a successful volunteer survey. Conducting volunteer surveys is an effective way to find out how volunteers perceive your nonprofit. Download this resource: Strategic Volunteer Engagement: A Guide for Nonprofit and Public Sector Leaders Author: Rehnborg, Sarah Jane et al. In pursuit of this mandate, the Task Force commissioned a National Volunteer Survey to generate data and 6 Questionnaire Analysis Application Process Figure 2: Application Process In this section, there were 2 statements. “Do you feel like the volunteer work you do is important to the community?”, “Do you feel like a valuable member of our organization? Some organizations choose to publish annual survey results in a formal report, especially for the use of board members, funders, and other stakeholders. The recommended standard is 95%. Include a pre-addressed and stamped return envelope to reduce barriers and increase response numbers. Very easy, easy, neutral, difficult, very difficult. This vital volunteer will connect athletes to community health and wellness resources, increase athlete numbers, and help eliminate many common barriers to health in your community. While quantitative results are numerical, qualitative is anecdotal. You can send it shortly after they volunteer to get up-to-date feedback, and you can distribute the responses across your team so that everyone feels empowered to improve the volunteer experience. A Volunteer Engagement Survey is usually run every 1 or 2 years and covers a wide range of topics. Corresponding Author. The engagement survey is the most valuable source of information about your volu… In this case, consider mailing a paper survey. Perform volunteer evaluations based on their performance and preparedness for their work. The greater the margin of error, the less confidence someone should have that the surveyed sample would represent the “true” results. How satisfied did you feel after volunteering? Learn about 8 unique platforms and the steps you should take to find the right tool for your organization. Match volunteers to the right opportunities based on their skills and interests. This volunteer interests and skills survey will allow the event organizers to determine the interests and skills of the volunteers and assigns their role in the organization accordingly. How did your volunteers like their experience? In this guide, we’re answering volunteer professionals’ most commonly asked questions about surveys. Start by looking for patterns and the most pressing results based on your volunteer answers. On the other hand, qualitative results require a bit more analysis but will invite volunteers to share their thoughts and stories. Report impact based on volunteers’ perceptions and experiences. I get to meet with a local network of ministry leaders a few times a year. is a series of questions presented to your volunteers to obtain statistically useful answers or feedback. Generally, surveys should take less than 7 to 8 minutes to complete (abandonment rates increase after 8 minutes). Be transparent about your organization’s goal, and volunteers are more likely to understand that their feedback has real implications for your organization. Per the sample size calculation, you will need to collect surveys from 323 volunteers to get results you can trust. It’s time for our Annual Volunteer Impact Survey, and we need you, our trusty volunteers! 70% on this question would be a very high score. Do your volunteers understand what you’re asking? While quantitative results are numerical, qualitative is anecdotal. The 2020 Volunteer Engagement Survey was conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers and funded by the SCORE Foundation. Use this type of survey to understand whether your organization and its practices meet your volunteers’ expectations. For example: Let’s say, using the industry standard for confidence level and margin of error, your program has 2,000 total registered volunteers. Download and complete the folllowing forms and bring them to your interview: 1. To ensure your survey is accurate, gather enough survey results (based on the calculated sample size above) before analyzing and compiling answers. Before we dive into how to create a strategic volunteer engagement plan here are a few key questions to think about: Have you thought about your goals for your volunteer engagement plan? These can include engagement, colleagues, communication, diversity and inclusion, leadership, management, respectful workplace, role, safety and security, service, values, culture, wellbeing. Alexandru I. Cuza University, Iaşi, România. QuestionPro offers free sample survey questions for volunteers of nonprofit organizations. So, how long should your survey be? According to volunteer professionals, surveys are a great way to gather data and analyze your volunteer program, and they tend to lend themselves to relatively high return rates. 20 employee engagement survey questions every company should ask When I asked my dad how he’d define employee engagement he said, “It’s allowing employees to feel a part of the system. Each group is different. Join thousands of Volunteer Management Pros in getting exclusive resources to help you save time and make the biggest impact. You may also include visuals, like charts and graphs and infographics to add interest to your report. When compiling your data, you can include quantitative (expressed in percentages and sums) and qualitative data (expressed in quotes, summaries, and case studies). That’s not to say you can’t add a few short open-response questions to get a better sense of volunteer sentiment. Look for variation across demo-graphics for this question in … Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Simona Haivas, Department of Psychology, Alexandru I. Cuza University, Str. Learn how you can strengthen engagement through technology in a free demo of Get Connected volunteer management software! If we do not talk about serving as a critical part of discipleship, then … The margin of error in statistics accounts for the percentage of random sampling error in a survey’s results. Download Our Volunteer Performance Evaluation Template for Excel. Subjects such as training, relationships with their co-volunteers and supervisors, and overall satisfaction with the experience can mean the difference between your volunteers continuing to support your cause and moving on to something else. Leading questions can influence participant answers. It can help you find out if volunteers enjoy working at your organization and if they have suggestions for improvements. Volunteer Questionnaire. A volunteer survey is a series of questions presented to your volunteers to obtain statistically useful answers or feedback. Will you be able to better match them with an opportunity they’ll love? How soon were you contacted after registering with our organization? Please circle the days that work for you, and specify morning, afternoon, or evening. Instead, start by identifying the recurring, major themes, problems, and successes. Parent Involvement Questionnaire 9 Definitely Probably Activities Not Not Not Probably Responsible Responsible Sure Responsible Responsible 1. Please briefly explain why or why not.”, “What do you feel is your most important contribution to the community?”, Avoid Cramming Too Much into One Question. A lot of templates have volunteer survey questions already, so it’s just a matter of tailoring the questions to your organization. If so, please explain.”, Avoid Overlapping Numbers in Multiple-Choice Options. Some of your volunteers may not have regular access to the internet. FAMILY ENGAGEMENT SURVEYS & CHECKLISTS Surveys & Checklists Administered to Description Source Page # in this document or External Link 1. Online surveys are simpler to distribute and collect and tend to lead to quicker response times. from the University of Notre Dame outlines key volunteer motivations that can help you formulate probing questions and support your volunteer engagement research. What would you say is the main reason you volunteered with us? Your volunteers should know what you’re asking, especially if you’re asking open-ended questions like, “How do you feel about the work you do?” This example is vague and may lead to confusion on both ends. You want your numerical data to be as precise as possible. Volunteers are a valuable resource for nonprofits and a component that can lead organizations towards fulfilling their goals of a greater good. Volunteer Engagement Mobilization Plan Volunteerism is an important value in our society. Avoid: “How many hours did you volunteer this month? Please explain. Your board, staff, volunteers, or community stakeholders. You can use this information to direct resources toward your recruitment and marketing efforts. Based on their preferences collected through this free online volunteer interests and skills survey questionnaire, volunteers will be assigned roles that match their choices. However, it helps visualize what we mean by the confidence level. Were these results communicated to you? A volunteer survey is a questionnaire that asks individuals about their recent volunteer experiences with you. Some surveys or volunteer questionnaires are used by volunteer coordinators to simply gather the information needed to contact volunteers and schedule them, like volunteer contact information, availability, and interests. Very Valued, Valued, Neutral, Undervalued, Very Undervalued, How likely are you to volunteer with us again? Phone, Email, Letter, If you received assistance from staff, how would you rate your experience? Top 10 Questions to Ask Before You Volunteer. Survey Templates to Measure Volunteer and Board Satisfaction survey respondents with targeted follow-up outreach to individuals and organizations to provide specific feedback on the plan. Selection: 0-10, 11-20, 21-40.”. See part 1 for more on the volunteer lifecycle.. Last week, I shared a detailed breakdown of the key decisions you should make for each step the volunteer lifecycle. Please fill out this questionnaire to help us get to know you better. If you created the survey online, you can copy and paste the link in the email body or attach a PDF copy. Explore cost options, add-ons, user-friendliness and more in this new resource, plus find out about other Toronto organizations using these tools that you can connect with! 5 = positive experience, 1 = negative experience. So, consider having a paper version handy. The overall goal is to increase volunteerism by ... engagement, volunteer management, and recognition, online resources, board member, recruitment and rules, diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings Do they get along well with the staff? Employees want to work at a place … Thank you for your interest in becoming a Feral Cat Coalition volunteer! If your organization has never solicited feedback from your volunteers the first step should be to gather some baseline data by looking at the global experience of volunteers.

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