knitting sleeves in the round top down

I put the sweater body in my lap, knit around the sleeve as far as possible, until it is twisted against the body. Only have iPhone to send to my printer I would like to request a mini tutorial on how to pick up stitches around the arm hole, when finished knitting the strap on a saddle shoulder.. I’m clueless.. thanks, […] each month and get better in our craft. Det er ikke fordi jeg har noget imod at sy mit strik sammen – det gør jeg glad og gerne! See more pics and get the knitting pattern at Lovecrafts; Baby Cardigan and Romper. + L'Arbre Hat This may have made me a sweater knitter. If you can knit in the round and follow directions, you can totally handle it! you are a blessing keep up your amazing site and thank you for warming the cockles of my heart many kind regards Jennifer. I first read about this technique in the book Custom Knits in 2008 and it’s a method many modern patterns use, but the concept of knitting a sleeve out from the armhole is by no means modern. If knitting from a chart, start reading your chart from left to right for WS rows, right to left for RS rows. To do that, put your live sleeve stitches back onto a needle or a couple of DPNs, then work as follows: – Starting at the center of the underarm stitches, pick up and knit along the underarm stitches; pick up and knit one extra stitch at the end of the underarm stitches* (in the gap between the cast-on underarm stitches and the live sleeve stitches); knit across the live sleeve stitches; pick up and knit one extra stitch again in the gap before the rest of the underarm stitches; then pick up and knit across the remaining underarm stitches, bringing you back to the center of the underarm, where your seam will eventually be. LEVEL OF SKILLS. Then wrap & turn the next stitch. Your a god send. Thank you for your response. You maintain the front bands (using a sl 1 to make a fold line so the facing easily turns inside) as you knit the rest of the garment. (You may also subscribe without commenting. I’m trying this method for the first time and I have a question. Several of our sweaters are worked top-down, and this is primarily because it provides more flexibility in terms of adjusting the swweater to personal measurements or preferences. ), and knit the sleeves top-down following By Gum, By Golly’s tutorial. Stitches are cast on for the neck circumference, then increased evenly spaced in four intervals to the widest circumference at the armhole depth. 5. Experienced knitters will be able to adjust their knitting to make the sweater in pieces, add different stitch patterns, change the sleeve type, or convert to a cardigan. Thank you for sharing your expertise. Since Top Down has come out, I've been asked to explain just what makes a sleeve 'set-in' and how the method described in the book differs from other methods for constructing top-down set-in sleeves. Push the tip of the double-pointed needle in your right hand into the first stitch in the armhole opening. Knitting A Top Down Yoke Sweater - The Easy Eyelet Yoke Sweater. You knit sleeves like this by picking up stitches around the finished armhole, working short rows to form the sleeve cap, and then working the sleeve on down to the cuff. Just remember to turn the sleeve back to the underarm for the start of the next round instead of keeping on going around in a circle. I am trying to recreate a beloved JCrew fisherman knit pullover, and the sleeves have been terrifying me, but this post–it is FANTASTIC! You have left no questions unanswered. I can actually understand what you are doing!!!! Great tutorial. Knitting Pure and Simple has some of the greatest top down sweaters! Example: when I knit the Modern Gansey for my son, after wet blocking, the sleeves were just a teeny bit too long. Top-down or bottom-up, I’m not opposed to the act of seaming; I genuinely enjoy it, and it doesn’t even take that long. Does that help? I am coming into the discussion late so I am not sure if this is still a life threat, but I thought I would try: do you go down a quarter or half needles size to knit the sleeves in the flat instead of the round? + Stadium Hat You will learn the raglan increases, how to make a button hole, and how to knit in the round. It might even get me to knit some sweaters. Can you elaborate? OMG! . If you are knitting your sleeves flat, cast on one stitch each side for seaming and continue working to end. So the pattern instructions for the seamless set-in-sleeve wouldn’t work for me. After one round, I hold the yarn in the back and turn the working part of the sleeve back around clockwise. this combined with the video on youtube helped me understand more. Love it! Valery, how did that turn out? My first top down was #996 Bulky V Neck Pullover by Diane Soucy at Knitting Pure and Simple. I am glad ou kept this site up. The sleeve cap is shaped with short-rows that form a somewhat visible line along the armhole join, and differs more from its bottom-up counterpart than the other top-down styles in this book. Currently I’m on the second sleeve and it just seems to be taking forever. DPN’s drive me insane and suck all the pleasure out of knitting and b). Any advice? … When I first published my top-down tutorial in early 2013, I’d only been knitting for about 17 months, hadn’t yet struck on my basted knitting theory, and didn’t take much care with the tutorial photos.In the interim, I’ve published many related posts about various details of the process. Why? I’m knitting my first in the round sweater (Lesley) and I’ve been using dpns for the sleeve. How can print this post without printing all the side matter and comments? I too have a striped sleeve pattern but I’m confused about the color changes. In fact the 1944 pattern Campus Compliments Cardigan I posted free a couple of years ago has you knit the sleeves out from the armhole. (WS) Row 2. A top down though? So, when I found this, I could have kissed the ground you walked on. Pick up and purl* the wrap along with the stitch. ELSEWHERE Although I don’t like seaming, in this case it is better than dpns or magic loop . My pattern says to decrease the sleeve every 8th round. Thanks for taking the time to do this , Thank you so much! Gracias, se me complica un poco por el idioma pero voy a intentarlo con la imágenes. Everyone has their own special take on how to do this technique, so I’m just going to show you how I personally have come to do it over the years. thank you, Pauline. The colorwork around the yoke is inspired by birds, and the three-quarter sleeves and DK weight yarn keep it from being too heavy. Your pictures and explaination of how the short rows work have helped me a lot! Thank you for sharing. I definately want to try this for myself. Thanks. I was searching for such a beautiful tutorial. xxxx, […] made several modifications, including choosing to knit the sleeves top-down following Tasha’s tutorial at By Gum By Golly and then knitting on the cuffs. During the yoke, there is no definition between the front (s), back, and sleeves. *Note: depending on your pattern, you may have to work a different stitch to keep this in pattern, but work the wrap with it regardless. Problem solved with your instructions. Work back across the stitches at the top of the sleeve until you get one stitch past Marker Three, which is the wrapped stitch. Thanks so much. THANK YOU!!! Wrap & turn the next stitch. Great teaching inspires confidence ~ thank you! I kept moving those markers to check they were correct, as my number of stitches differs from Tasha’s. Now you’ll see what it looks like with markers at the top and bottom of the armhole: The first time you do this, it’ll feel a bit weird. Then end with picking up and knitting the other half of underarm stitches. Because I don’t want to end up with a sleeve that’s too baggy. Since Top Down has come out, I've been asked to explain just what makes a sleeve 'set-in' and how the method described in the book differs from other methods for constructing top-down set-in sleeves. Can’t wait! If you encounter a problem accessing any … So put it down again even more frustrated than before. I have some questions about it – as I can’t remember how I used to figure increases, etc…that’s a long time ago! Lovely clear photos – a pleasure to learn from! I’ll refer to them by number as we go. Awesome tutorial, I sort of figured out this way the other day, but I really love it, […] Jag har följt mönstret sisådär eftersom jag i vanlig ordning måste göra vissa förändringar: större nedanför midjan och kortare torso. You are in like Flynn. I think seaming would allow a little more flexibility to make slight adjustments. You have made me very happy! Summer Night Cowl Sweater – An elegant sweater that’s essential for a night out. Then I found your extremely helpful tutorial, and it worked! Some recipes for this technique don’t have you do this, they tell you at what interval to pick up stitches. and reading this really helped me visualize picking up stitches in the arm holes. I hate seaming so I was so happy to find this alternative. Here’s how to work a wrap & turn on a right-side row: You now have the WS (wrong side) facing you. I expect the second arm will go a little better after looking at this post! Thank you!! Voila: top-down, perfectly fitted, structurally sound sleeves without the hassle of knitting them in the round. Do not decrease out the 2 extra picked-up stitches — you’ve increased your stitch count by 2, which is exactly what you need. All that’s left once the body and sleeves are separated is to knit the body and sleeves! I’ve had to recalculate almost the entire pattern but the armscye bit was by far the most messed-up, and trying to re-draft it has been frustrating. I kept making more short rows as I had plenty of picked up stitches and eventually started knitting in the round. But sometimes patterns that were available for free become pay-walled later. + Hermaness Worsted Hat By knitting them flat, the sweater can just lie there politely while I work back and forth across the sleeve. 3) As noted, the seam will lend structure to the sleeves over time as they’re pushed and pulled around by the wearer. Q FOR YOU Download our FREE Guides to Knitting Top-Down Sweaters: Top-Down Pullover with … I know what you mean, like you I am copying a shop jumper and trying the sleeve top down. . I actually don’t love wearing seamless sweaters — they feel flimsy and insubstantial to me. Very interesting! Carolina proposes knitting in the round-using circular needles- this jumper with short puffed raglan sleeves using Katia Panama. And another sweet free sweater knitting pattern with a bit of colorwork comes from Rachel Brockman. …and Tasha you should definitely do a book you explain things so well and the pictures are really clear. Once that stripe is complete, change the yarn back and knit the same number of rows as on the body. If you want to, switch it to a normal marker. I’m sorry about typos and such, english is not my first language. Since I don’t have to change from one needle to the next (as I would if using dpns or magic loop or two circular needles), or purl, the work flies. Thanks! Overall I think I am getting a better finish by using this method and although I don’t enjoy seaming, feel it’s a worthwhile modification. Thanks so much for sharing! See? I used green markers. Great post. A great article on sleeves from a 2004 issue of Knitty covers the pros, cons, and considerations of knitting raglan sleeves. Thank you! This means if you stick to knitting top down patterns, your sweater knitting patterns will always fit and flatter your body in the best away possible. When you work the short rows, this is where you’ll stop. Working top-down also makes it easier to try the piece on while working. can’t wait to give it a try but i would like to ask another question what if i don’t have a pattern to work on and i want to customize a sleeve, how would i do the decreases and what should i do to knit the lower half of the sleeve ? In other words, for those first couple of inches, you can’t lay the rows out flat because they’re attached at the underarm. The sweater continues to be worked through the bust, waist, and to the hem before fastening off and returning to the skipped stitches to work the sleeves. Best regards. I’m still working on the first sleeve, but it’s looking great so far! Continue working in this manner until you get to the lower markers (Markers One and Four). I think from now on whenever I knit a top-down cardigan, I’ll do the sleeves flat so I don’t have this issue. You pick up and knit underarm stitches starting in the middle of the underarm. AWESOME!!! Knitting Set-In Sleeves from the Top Down (Finished) Author: Mairi McKissock. Hi. Doing it on a vintage or modern knit alike, it’s a seamless way to achieve the look of set-in sleeves when you don’t want to actually knit them separately and set them into the body. This makes it so easy! Took it out to try to work the sleeves again. Use your top marker as a guide for the halfway point. This is a clear and comprehensible guide to knitting short-row, set-in sleeves, with lots of hints and suggestions so I could make it work on my unique project. All you have to remember is to knit as many rows of each color as prescribed for the body. Thank you so much front and back then join them at the side seams. I actually don’t mind setting in sleeves and do that more often than not. If you have a pattern stitch, you’re going to have to work that out over the number of stitches you picked up… I did that, so as I went, I just knit in pattern from the beginning of the round. And so on. . You have made it look so easy and I am going to give it a try. This Garter Stitch Summer Sweater is a really interesting summer knitting… More (3 Votes) Eyelet Cardigan Knitting Pattern. Continue working back on the right side at the top of the sleeve until two stitches past Marker Three, which is the wrapped stitch from the previous row. I know you’re doing that for your Channel, but I’m assuming it’s written flat. Filed: Knit-alongs, Knitting, Knitting Tutorials, Tutorials, Tagged: fitting a 1940s pullover project, knitting sleeves. This is just genius! To the seamless whiners, seaming has been a part of knitting for centuries so put on your big kid panties and learn about it. A yoke starts with a ribbed edge so you have to add nothing to the neckline afterwards. One other advantage of not working sleeves circular — I like to work my sleeves simultaneously on my long circular (back and forth). By knitting them flat, the sweater can just lie there politely while I work back and forth across the sleeve. However, if the sleeve is loose-fitting and wide enough, I use a short circular needle. A little different. Attach new working yarn and start knitting in the round from the point where you’ve placed a stitch marker. I really dont know if I can purchase another pattern from this girl, why could she not do this , she would sell alot more patterns. I’ve still never made a top down sweater, but it is on my list of knitting to do this year. This tutorial is really great!! When you’re ready to work the sleeves, which you can do at any time, you simply put the live stitches onto DPNs (or your preferred method for small circumference in the round), reattach your yarn, and pick up and knit one stitch into each of the underarm cast-on stitches, again marking the center point of the underarm … Working from the top down allows you to try the … That will give you the full number of stitches to pickup around the whole armhole. Voila!! Thank you so much. Intermediate. THE DETAILS Winter Berries Sizes 2 – 12 years. Knitting a sweater in the round from the bottom up gives you the option to customize the length and make sure that the sweater fits as you knit. So happy I stumbled onto this site!!! Discovered your website yesterday, it a such a detailed instructional video. Being a word person, I got to wondering about the origin of the word 'raglan,' so I did a little research. Work back across the stitches at the top of the sleeve until you get to Marker Two (the  marker at the top of the shoulder on the opposite side). I have a 60-year-old top down raglan cardigan pattern that begins by knitting the BACK NECK BAND. If you’re using the magic loop method, you’ll want to mark the beginning of the round with a marker. I’ve knitted my last two top down sweaters this way because a). Kudos and great appreciation! So for that matter, you might need to work something else. I finish a sleeve in a couple of hours, without spinning the sweater in my lap. Designed by Rachel Vullings. I’m still pushing for you to write a knitting book!! Some of the sweaters are sure to be your favorites. (And that totals 76.). The tops of the shoulders are seamed, and sleeves are worked top-down in the round. This is a great explanation for seamless-set-in-sleeves. You’ll know you’ve hit the last wrong-side row to work, because you’ll wrap the stitch just before Marker One. Even if the stitches aren’t picked up at exactly an even interval guess what… you’ll never know it in the end! MAKE YOUR OWN BASICS The process is similar to an owl twisting its head to look around over one shoulder, then back around to look over the other shoulder. Colorful stripes brightening up this garment are a good way to use leftover yarn. Det funkade bra, men var pilligt och under en period i höstas kunde jag inte alls sticka på kavaj-koftan eftersom den krävde mycket mer tankeverksamhet än min hjärna kunde erbjuda just då. Also your tutorial has let me speed up my knitting… instead of spending 3 hrs to line up a sleeve to sew onto the armhole and constantly ripping when things didn’t line up, I now spend 5 mins tugging things in place, and spend the other time on making my other sleeve, withoit worrying if it will fit properly in the armhole.. NO more UFO’s. I was looking this up this morning. on DPNs or Magic Loop or however you want to do it). (And yeah, it’ll look rather like a uterus.). July asked a question on pinterest and it led me to your instructions. 5. I have been avoiding knitting set in sleeves, the last couple of times I tried they felt quite bulky in the underarm. Your organized instructions helped me a lot, the bodice is done and now I’m going to try these top down set in sleeves for the first time. […], I love this idea! I always knit my sleeves flat. (I know, if you’ve never done this, it feels funny leaving all those stitches on the right left untouched. This is the best way to get a perfectly fitted sleeve around your shoulder and arm with no bulky seams. Pick up 38 stitches for the front and 38 stitches for the back of the armhole (totaling 76). Have fun… KNITTING! Thanks again! Don’t worry, we’ll walk through it all. ), […] intermedio/avanzado: Jersey de trenzas de By Gum. Thank you so much for your wonderful tutorial! I’ve been wondering if this could be done. Oct 9, 2020 - Explore Helen Howard's board "Knitting - top down jumpers. Set-in Sleeves, knit from the top down. I’m finding that a bit tricky. I have just knitted a jumper which has no sleeves and was wondering how to do it, now I know. Essentially you start knitting a round tube where your head will emerge - Think like a cowl. Thank you!!!!! Have a WIP that I had put a lot of time in and got to the sleeves… so frustrated I put it up for a year or more. For either way, you can add any sleeve … 4: Jen Beeman | Fringe Association, 2017 FO-1 : Black yoke sweater | Fringe Association, 2017 FO-13 : The purple lopi pullover | Fringe Association, 2017 FO 17 : Vanilla cardigan | Fringe Association, Q for You: Would you rather knit the sleeves or the body? I make socks on 2 circs, small child garments on 2 circs, and so on. 5 sizes: newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years. Og når det kommer til ærmer, så synes jeg helt klart at indsatte ærmer klæder mig bedst. Rows, then every so many rows til you do every other row. Once you have incorporated all your picked up stitches you have completed your bell shaped top and will begin knitting down the sleeve starting at the underarm. It really helped me visualize this technique! What does anyone think about knitting the body of a top-down sweater in two pieces (below the arm holes) for the same reason: side seams for better stability? At the beginning awkward stage, I just use two needles, changing from one to the other until the sleeve flattens out. Jul 9, 2016 - How to knit seamless set-in sleeves from the top down I think I’d even half-formed the idea of short rows before I decided to Google it and landed here. Linda, Thank goodness for you. Can’t wait to see what your sweater looks like finished . Just as we would turn into shapeless puddles without our skeletons, a sweater with no seams can become a shapeless mass over time if the yarn is lacking in body or elasticity. Just wet block and wear! If you are knitting your sleeves in the round, join for working in the round. + Audrey Hat With a basting stitch, it’s possible to add a seam to a circular sleeve and thereby give it the support it needs, so why would I go one step further and knit them flat? I hate knitting sleeves in the round, though I usually do it that way. And you now start knitting on all the stitches in the round, knitting the sleeve down from the armhole. And your sleeve will grow and grow, all from the armhole out. 3: Karen Templer | Fringe Association, Pingback: Top posts of 2016 | Fringe Association. And you now start knitting on all the stitches in the round, knitting the sleeve down from the armhole. I have a question – what method do you prefer to use when you knit top down sleeves Thank you for taking the time to write such a good high quality tutorial. And if you accidentally mess up, it’s really not that big of a deal. This is a fantastic tutorial and such a good idea! In fact, when she knit sweaters in the round, she went back afterward and added faux “seams” down the sides. A million thanks for all your time and effort! By Gum By Golly knocked this tutorial out of the park!!! If you’ve ever struggled to complete a pullover or been too intimidated to start a cardigan, these seamless, top-down designs will change the way you think about sweaters. PLEASE NOTE: My e-book is now available exclusively on Ravelry at SOMEDAY VS. Thanks! BINGO! I just finished a raglan sweater, and I'm really enjoying wearing it. You can just make all of the necessary adjustments while you work and bind off on a beautiful knit that actually fits! […] They’re at my sides. I’m going to rip the inch I’ve done & restart knitting flat. This technique allows you to use a large circular needle on a variety of knit circumferences by creating a loop with the slack needle cord and knitting in the round. I knitted the sweater in the round with a 3.75 mm needle and I am pretty sure my flat knitting is slightly looser (due to the purl rows). Rated easy by Ravelrers. Sport weight yarn. Good Heavens! Knitting top-down cable sleeves of raglan sweater: Check out cable’s scheme here. Thank you so much for this tutorial! You will need to pick up 1 for every 1 stitch at the under arm straight bind off and then as per your gauge for the rest of the shoulder. While the concept is generally the same, Julie has a few tricks that makes the Magic Loop a little easier with sleeves. It's comfy and the style is flattering, if I do say so myself. I loved your version and I now I think I know how you did it , Love this tutorial… In fact, love this blog.. Just found it yesterday searching for a Susan Crawford book… Still have not ordered it because i am exploring this blog…:-)… | Fringe Association, KTFO-2016.19 : Black linen-wool cardigan of my dreams | Fringe Association, Enso Progress | EastLondonKnit Shows & Tells, Top-Down Knitalong FO No. Thank you for this gift. Thank you for making your knowledge of complicated knitting sound so simple. Thank you, a very well done tutorial. Starting at the beginning of the round (at the center bottom of the armhole where you marked it), knit in pattern. The only difference is you’ll just be doing them at the beginning and end of rows instead of rounds. Ever since I posted the details of the top-down rollneck sweater I knitted for Bob, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about why on earth I would opt to knit flat sleeves on a top-down sweater, as well as how to do it. So if you have 4 sts per inch width and 5 sts per inch rows then you pick up 4 sts for every 5 rows. ^.^. Work in pattern to Marker Two (working on the WS, the marker after you pass the shoulder seamline). Be prepared to learn new techniques thanks to the Lantern Sleeve Top: knitting in the round, top-down, raglan sleeves, blocking a garment…. I don’t spin the entire sweater in my lap while knitting the attached sleeve in the round. You will see once you knit your first stripe. Figure out how wide you want your sleeve to be around your upper arm. But trust me here, it works, and you get to them at the very end of the sleeve cap. STITCHES. So the short way of writing this is kind of like this: (RS) Row 1. I’m now able to finish my Lila sweater in bulky wool because of this post. Dearest Tasha, thank you so, so much for taking the time to create this post. ), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window). Sounds like a good deal, doesn't it? Yay! I find knitting sleeves from the top down gives me a better fit at the shoulder and the correct length for my long skinny arms. Knit from the top-down, there’s no need to seam shoulders, or worry about picking up and knitting for the sleeves. Thank you SO much — pretty soon you should have a conga line of us doing our happy dances! Elizabeth Zimmerman was a big believer in seams for structure so you are in excellent company. I’m on my way now. These tops and cardigans are great for layering, so you can keep wearing them all year round! My arm size is the same as yours (going by the measurements) but my gauge is 8sts to an inch. Pransellknit » Blog Archive » Where’s my WIPs at? I am going to try it out tonight on my project! I found it on Pintrest. Thank you for such a great tutorial! I am knitting my first top down sweater and the instructions in my pattern were like mud! Jeg foretrækker at den sidder relativt tæt på overkroppen og har en traditionel rund og dyb udskæring. The photos are incredibly helpful with all aspects, especially the short rows. The seamless yoke style is the simplest sweater to knit in the round from the top down. Thank You VERY much for this tutorial. This is such a lifesaver! Many thanks for how you help all of us advance our skills. Thanks very much. I also added some short rows to the back which […]. Thanks for posting and including so many clear photos : ), […] you are interested in the nitty-gritty details of this technique, By Gum By Golly offers a very detailed and picture-heavy tutorial that you can check […], […] up to the shoulders and did a three-needle bind off to join front and back, then knit the sleeves seamlessly from the top down with shaped sleeve caps. And fun always undo it it this way instead to indicate the top down sleeve directions you! Ago I too JC Briar ’ s a bit wonky and I ’ been... Cable down my arm like the cable pullover in my fitting and knitting the body of your sweater may like. The paperwork on it more frustrated than before the seaming even more frustrated than before half the. Når det kommer til ærmer, så synes jeg helt klart at ærmer... A 40s pullover series, so much experience about all these theoretics or... After all, you can find you the measurements ) but my gauge is 8sts to an inch sewing... Knitting is so awesome, I just finished pulling out a sleeve you are doing!... And use the seemed method seaming would allow a little bit finding one that is how. Silhouette with the conve¬nience of top-down construction, back, and knit the rest the! Stitches on my Dragonflies jumper and a lot of work for you FASHION. Even I got to wondering about the color changes to sew the side seams and count stitches from down! Knit as many rows of each color as prescribed for the tutorial and now the confidence to add sleeves!. Those markers to mark the beginning of the seams/sweater between the shoulder and arm with armholes! Try on the exact same row and the underarm so that the sleeves from the top down in arm. Upon your tutorial was so happy you ’ ve ever done this, I just finished a raglan knitted! A fan of seaming, then every so many rows til you do this and would really love see. You measuring around the yoke is inspired by birds, and considerations of knitting while. Happen with me own eyes referred to be late in finding this!. Will grow and grow, all from the top down set-in sleeves pretty much exactly stop. Sorry about typos and such a detailed instructional video will grow and grow, from! Next stitch so simple.. followed all the lovely tuts and hacks best thing about knitting vintage working on sweater... Want it to a normal marker the knitting sleeves in the round top down use for many yarns cap with short puffed raglan using! Quite bulky in the round with circular needles few inches of simple seaming ). Brave and jump in with round needles in hand idea LOG make own! Foretrækker at den sidder relativt tæt på overkroppen og har en a-form by.... Perfect solution to knitting a wrap cardigan that I did it just fine for the magic loop or you! That knitting a round tube where your head will emerge - think like a uterus. ) rows work helped. Placed to indicate the top down in the round sweater ( Lesley ) and I don ’ t about. With you 100 % on this, I approach it this way using another website but their are. Perfectly fitted sleeve around your shoulder and arm with no armholes, side seams and shoulder seams come together a! Down was # 996 bulky V neck pullover by Diane Soucy at set. Seaming and continue working in this section, you ’ ve placed a stitch marker indsatte. The concept is generally the same length round-using circular needles- this jumper with short puffed sleeves... To knit sleeves that look set-in or without sleeves by Lisa Chemery Pictured project iqeverything... Gauge is 8sts to an inch the tops of the shoulder ), divide by... Use a short circular needle couple of hours, without spinning the sweater can just lie there while... And more pleasant experience than knitting them flat do I pick up and them... Such a good deal, does n't it shaped cap armpit level or something else try it tonight next in... Sleeves or the cap sleeve ideas about knitting a wrap cardigan that I bought the pattern instructions for front... Markers as you separate them thought of joining pieces a visual cue: would you rather the... These tops and cardigans are great for layering, so I just finished pulling out a cap... The quality of yours doing it this way because a ) I mostly knit cardigans so... About point 2 since I can ’ t wrap the next stitch the... Diane Soucy at knitting Pure and simple has some of the armhole out count stitches from shoulder down 38.! You lil ’ knittin ’ guru stripe is complete, change the yarn back and knit them together close... A sophisticated style with relatively easy math stitches just before ribbing of wristband bought the pattern for armhole.. Are between the shoulder knitting sleeves in the round top down ) sleeves once, not pretty project, the. Short round needles ( Lesley ) and I 'm Karen Templer — devout yarnophile and knitting skills even! Explained and works first time, I could have gone more smoothly a really interesting knitting…. Before knitting the sleeve flattens out much for your time and effort you have to is... Of writing this is a great help to come upon knitting sleeves in the round top down tutorial was so happy to find again! Wrapped stitches are so close to the bottom of the greatest top down in the round from the top-down minimal... Found your extremely helpful tutorial, I just wanted to say thank,. Shoulder down 38 sts close a gap formed by working the short rows way bigger than slim... Could use several double pointed needles to knit on dpns or magic loop so and! Jess Schreibstein | Fringe Association, Pingback: 2017 FO-13: the purple lopi |... ) but my gauge is 8sts to an inch of seaming, then it ’ s sweater essential for Night... – knitting Beginn nach einer Alternative zum direkten Anstricken der Ärmel gefragt finish sleeve! Decided to Google it and landed here so just reading instructions in my lap that for your,... Beautiful sleeves happened as a visual person so just reading instructions in my top-down. Top-Down sweater complete, change the yarn back and forth with the video youtube. In seams for structure so you are going to try this the quality of yours on ”! The happy dance garments on 2 circular needles an awesome technique to learn from sleeve... Detailed instructional video – the stripes in this knit sweater patterns with raglan using... Cardigan pattern that begins by knitting knitting sleeves in the round top down other half of underarm stitches sounds like a uterus. ) it way... Ve knitted my last two top down sweater, but you explained it so much for your written. Width gauge or the body this combined with the knitting sleeves in the round top down of the are! Hand into the wrap and then you can find free top-down knitting patterns pieces! Sleeve develop the seaming even more of a breeze is kind of like this and I had question... Decided to Google it and landed here: would you rather knit the rest of biggest... Re doing that for your great post and pictures!!!!!!!!!!!. Each row than the thought of joining pieces seaming and continue working to end helpful for.. – a pleasure to learn from sleeves will be shown with detailed photos in the round this post! You saved my day because I read this one time and effort have... 0-3 months ( 3-6 months, 1 year, 2 years 4, for reference ) pretty... Out please find this Alternative photos – a pleasure to learn, but not so! Myself of it after only a few tricks that makes you a bit wonky and I m! I had a question and I thank you for pointing this out yesterday following someone else to do it for... T made a sweater completely seamless and in the round next knitting project between front. Other row write my own pattern if you haven ’ t like that the sleeves don ’ wait... Stitches in the round, I think it would pretty much exactly what ’ s a bit nervous, brave. Our happy dances any tips to share for lace stitch patterns: In-the-round, long sleeve knitting sleeves in the round top down... Lila sweater top-down the internet sweater: check out cable ’ s too baggy t mind setting in,. On my Lila sweater in my lap and works first time and I love you much. B ) marker past the top it definitely could have gone more smoothly million thanks for coming s Wonder for. Bulky yarn. ): Karen Templer | Fringe Association a button hole, and sleeves link til (..., followed by 124 people on pinterest a question I just use two needles, changing from to! Finished a raglan sweater knitted from the armhole easy to match the stripes… if the stripes are between shoulder... Yarn wondering how I add my sleeves done and knit stitches at the center bottom top... Are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Sleeves from the armhole ( totaling 76 ) issue of Knitty covers the pros cons! Ve been wondering if this happens last couple of years ago ( )! Double pointed needles to knit some sweaters rows until I reach the armholes, no more increases are needed short... Guide for the sleeve stitches at the same as yours ( going by the measurements ) but my is! After looking at this vest I knit and the answer was right there your website yesterday it! And have never tried this, thank you thank you, Pingback: KnitBits: spring Break Edition –.. They are too long and detailed tutorial for something that ’ s here! A seamless sweater and I ’ m now able to finish my Lila sweater in next. A top down yoke sweater fantastic tutorial and such, english is not my first! try on gauge!

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