kikyo and kagome look nothing alike

Kikyo. InuYasha refers to Kagome as "Kikyo" at first. She was not Kikyo. So far, there are only 8 episodes. Informed Attribute: In the manga, she and Kagome do indeed look very similar. yeah i agree too. Kikyo. Kagome and Sango are best friends in the series so no one would put them against each other. "Kikyo! [src] Kikyō (桔梗, "Chinese Bellflower") was a shrine priestess who lived 50 years prior to the main events of the series. She was just the imitation of Kikyo, a reincarnation, half the marksman abilities, half the experience, half the-A strong demonic aura pulsed. The could have made kagomes hair shorter or something smh. —Kikyō contemplating her existence. kikyo kan be a little bit freakie . RELATED: Inuyasha: 10 Things We Know So Far About The Upcoming Sequel However, nothing prepared Kagome for what she saw next: Kaede with her right arm in a sling and her forehead wrapped in bandages! Please and thank you. To me, Kikyo looks older than Kagome (To my knowledge, Kikyo's age was never mentioned before she died). Kikyo's nipple hardened under Kagome's thumb, and she felt the spike of arousal in their connection. kikyo is a 10 on a scale of 1-10 an kagome is a -10! It was night. angel777 [May 05, 2007 at 12:41 PM] kikyo owns kagome totally!!! Kikyo was re-incarnated as Kagome. It nearly drove her mad. When viewers look back to Inuyasha, the most common dilemma is Kagome vs Kikyo. In one of the earlier episodes, Kagome dressed the same way Kikyo dressed but still looked different. Selena saw how hurt Kagome was. Kagome finally succeeded in removing her own shirt and bra, blushing as she felt Kikyo's gaze on her slightly smaller, but perky chest. "Kagome.." But I'm pro-Kagome! But we do know that Moroha doesn’t seem to remember or know about her parents. Kagome's also powerful but not fully develop. The only lacking with Kikyo is that she doesn't have the humor and she doesn't make me happy and laugh. Nothing is really definite as of now. Kikyo. Kikyo, sensing Kagome… Also, Kikyo and Kagome have the same soul. Later, Kagome's soul is transfered to a reconstruction of Kikyo's body by the orgress/witch Urasue. "InuYasha stopped her."I.." Kagome sat away from the rest of the group who were staying warm by a fire. When it comes to sadness, Kikyo's life was a very example. ... most anime characters look similar except the eyes and hair. If Kagome had that serious blank look on her face all the time she would look exactly like Kikyo. He saw Kagome look away. Selena went to Kagome. Kagome immediately froze, and her azure eyes widened. She was responsible for purifying the Shikon Jewel and was the former lover of Inuyasha. Rumiko made her that way. Hi! 5 days ago. In the anime however, their designs are both subtly altered and they don't look much alike at all — at a glance, Kikyo has a different hairstyle, smaller eyes, and paler skin compared to Kagome. It was obvious that InuYasha didn't want Kikyo to leave. Kaede!" This is an easy pairing to pit against each other as they both have the same love interest. sesshylover101 [Dec 26, 2006 at 08:01 PM] i like kagome more then kikyo. If she was more like Kikyo, Inuyasha would not have wasted time in admitting his true feelings for her. Kikyo. LuluLuvsGaara "Oh, no! See more ideas about Inuyasha, Kagome higurashi, Anime. The following day, Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo had arrived back at the village...and needless to say, they were quite surprised to see that some of the village men were in bandages. in the manga they were a bit more similar but not a lot. Then most of the soul returns to Kagome, but some remains in Kikyo. But I'm not a fan of tears and sadness that's why I love Kagome and like Kikyo. So if you are pro-Kagome too, them follow me. they look nothing alike other than hair and eye color...KOKYO'S A CLAY BITCH THAT DESERVES TO BURN IN HELL!!! Apr 21, 2013 - Okay I just want to say I have nothing in particular against Kikyo.

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