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Warner Roofing has been harassing me on Google Review/Map read my review after sending in an affidavit and certified/return receipt letter. GAF produces Timberline shingles at several plant locations across the country, and uses a different process to manufacture these products at each site. GAF indicates that this is all they have to do because they say that is what the warranty says they have to cover. Three years ago we had 22″ of snowfall in a 36hr period. 1. I have white lines across the bottom of my gaf 30 year timberline shingles with Granual loss in my gutters. The GAF shingles suit claims that the shingles produced at the Mobile, Alabama plant have cracked at a higher rate than shingles produced at other plants. The company has been covering up this issue for years (we will show quotes from high-ranking company officials), failing to inform homeowners, roofing contractors and state authorities, or to recall the defective product. Timberline Natural Shadow Shingles: GAF’s Timberline Natural Shadow Palette offers six colors to choose from, with options such as arctic white, charcoal, and slate. I’m in. The settlements would cover the following claims: 2. I contacted SC Law Firm. By late 1990’s GAF received information about premature cracking on many of its roof shingles, including Timberline. Consumer Reports Determined the Best Roof Shingles. 4. 8:11-mn-02000 (D.S.C.) My slate roof had been broken and falling because the rusty hooks break off. Out of all their shingle types, three-tab is the most economical for people on a tight budget. Frequently Asked Questions What are the best-priced shingles on the market? gaf 30year shingles any help would be Appreciated. I am in the roofing business and I am especially curious about the ASTM testing issue. Hasselbach. do not exclude yourself from the settlement), you may object to the settlement by explaining in writing why you do not like the settlement postmarked no later than March 16, 2015 to the addresses noted in question 19 of the Long Form Detailed Notice. I think they should sent out some representative to look at the roof instead. The Timberline Ultra line is excluded. GAF’s Better warranty, available through a GAF certified installer, System Plus covers 100% of material defects for 50 years, 20 years on 3-Tab shingles. If you were in the TN/NC area, that would be my area could you put one on, will it be noisy; if hail hits it, how much damage does that cause; however, in the meantime, I think what people are saying they may not be able to do that right now after their expense. The plaintiffs claim the shingles suffer from premature cracking, … The comparisons below focus on each manufacturer’s line of architectural shingles. There just seemed to be a number of areas, that would influence the acceptance of a claim and an actual accurate award amount. 3. They are just a middleman. I have the timberline 30yr. Plaintiffs claim that shingles manufactured from January 1, 1999 through December 31, 2007 at a GAF plant in Mobile, Alabama and from January 1, 1998 through December 31, 2009 at all other GAF manufacturing plants might prematurely crack, split, or tear (cracking, splitting or tearing of shingles is all referred to in this Notice as "cracking" or "cracked"). Oftentimes a contractor won’t even specify which manufacturers ‘ shingles he is using . GAF Timberline website for “cracking” class action: Is there anything else I can do to try and get more for defective shingles? A leak alleged /fraud/attempted/fraud [to be determined by AG and IDFPR] ripping out a skylight, he was not to touch; he had it pre-ordered, then said it was a mistake; the shingles are deteriorating; and albeit it is called Foot Traffic; I will bet you it is crappy shingles. It paid out several million dollars as a response to the claimants. Side Note: Later on, in the mid 2000’s, GAF and other roofing manufacturers in the US, removed the label “30, 40 and 50 year shingles” and relabeled all of their architectural shingles as “Lifetime”, while not making any significant changes to improve longevity, which is indicated in their warranties. Inform them of the suit and their rights 2. Note: Class 4 shingles from other top manufacturers include CertainTeed Presidential Shake and Landmark IR, GAF Grand Sequoia IR and Timberline with Armorshield, Malarkey Windsor and Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration Storm. I cannot. For example, one of the findings was that the cracking claims increased by 43% from 2001-2002 alone. . I see how GAF’s reaction is, they believe their contractors, as their terms and policies mean nothing. In August 2003, a GAF employee, Guy Gimson, issued a CQA report, titled “Minneapolis Shingle Cracking”, which outlined testing conducted by GAF that proved that its laminated fiberglass shingles, including Timberline, cracked at low temperatures. GAF is huge on a good standing for their Contractor Master Elite’s having a good BBB rating, but it does not matter that they are not even accredited, so make sure you go to NJ their headqtrs and yours too.

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