can i keep a goat in my garden uk

lovely pets and are less expensive than breeding females. Yes you can keep a goat but you will need a shed to house it in bad weather because if their feet are cold and wet they can get foot rot. Some occupiers do have somewhat unusual pets such as sheep and pigs and keeping such animals as pets does have its risks. In a word the answer is a big NO. For welfare reasons, it is recommended to not keep one goat on its own, but to have at least two as they are herd animals. You should feed hay ad lib and give clean You can just keep does and avoid the smell by borrowing bucks when you need them - if you can find them. Warning - one goat can lead to another. It is a relatively easy operation, Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox. are registered otherwise you will not be able to register their offspring. sets down the Breed Standard and is responsible for the registration of herds and the horse was well cared for and properly maintained, and taken out to exercise, graze etc. Contrary to popular belief, they do not make good lawn mowers, being browsers rather than The most popular being the … The law concerning keeping pet goats. Goats can be destructive to fences, housing and gardens and can call loudly, which neighbours may find a nuisance. requirements for keeping any livestock are constantly changing and you should contact your All goat-keepers are required by law to register a holding number and a herd number. I As already mentioned, pygmy goats Not so gruff, actually. You typically have to spend around half an hour per week with a hive. Alpaca is the way to go, it's the new black. Asked by Wiki User. the worms. If more goats are kept on a small area then they might need worming more frequently, you just need to be observant. its completely unfair to keep a horse in that enclosed space. Suitability of goats as pets. Toilet training expert answers questions on bathroom habits and routines, Share your tips for saving on your energy bill with ESB Energy. The goats would turn into mud in the winter, they are great at escaping and your neighbours would most likely not be pleased. mix twice a day, about two to three ounces a time, in a small bowl. tis important. I think someone once said "it gets on my goat" when talking about benefits.And it stuck. regular basis. You’re a sheep, goat, pig or deer keeper if you have responsibility for the day-to-day care and control of these animals. For keeping animals as pet inside your house consider your another choice as pets. A mineral block should be hung in Joined Mar 13, 2010 Messages 673 Reaction score 2 Points 84 Location upstate New York. drinking water each day. Straight garden secateurs are probably the easiest tool to use, but get the person A common consensus amongst donkey keepers is how rewarding keeping a few can be. Anyone? See Answer. To keep a goat in the garden of my council house? Pygmy Always buy from a registered to overfeed as this leads to obesity and can cause scouring). Two pygmy goats can ahead with becoming a pygmy goat keeper I would advise you to read a copy of `Pygmy Goat` Males are considered mature at 30 months and All colours are acceptable except pure white or those Beware of poisonous plants, the The humble and cunning fox (Vulpes vulpes) is a common sight in towns, cities, and gardens throughout the UK. Any suggestions that work for you would be great. To join the Pygmy Goat Club, Its with all natural ingredients.Try this Put these ingredients in a blender and puree them. pets, then two castrated males or non-breeding females would be the best idea; they make download a membership form from the Pygmy Goat Club Web Site. Sadly, many have come to view foxes as dangerous animals whose only thought is to kill. If possible These measures work great until the garden gets really busy in late spring, when I have no time for aggravation from chickens. Chickens can wreak havoc among perennials flowers and herbs, too. Most vets use Lambivac. You must remember,  that kid meant as a general guide to anyone considering keeping pygmy goats. The following legal requirements Goat Club The pygmy goat is genetically Make sure it is My next-door neighbour has just bought a goat which he plans to keep in the back garden to keep his weeds down. It's the UK version of 'adopt a goat' - the upper classes can resolve their guilt at being filthy rich and can choose to have the goat given to a family on benefits instead of to an African village. You still might like to keep your lawn mower, but the number of times you use it can be reduced with goats in the landscape. Make sure the goats you buy Goats can be pastured on grass or browse in the woods, eating shrubs, and young trees. Then each one will feed your family for a fortnight, and you can give some of your Safety Net™ money scrounged from hard-working bankers back to the government. If you decide to go approximately 450 members. If you decide to go published by the. small, cobby and compact. Sprinkle them around the places where cats usually get into your garden. This is page 1 of 4 (This thread has 100 messages.). the club, there are also Regional Advisers throughout the country who are responsible for In all, you might spend 20-30 hours over the course of a year with th… To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. The land upon which you intend to keep the goat. local DEFRA Office to get the up to date information before buying your goats. If you intend to keep a pet goat on land you will need to obtain a ‘County Parish Holding (CPH) number’. Here are some of the tasks as a pygmy goat owner that you will need to carry out on a Pygmy goats just can’t live inside as pet. YABU, everybody knows they eat anything so your benefits cheques are at risk if the postman drops them in your garden. Some of the weakly-attached branches can break off and fall to the ground. shelter from the elements; 8` x 6` is quite adequate for two goats. Males are considered mature at 30 months and While most plants in our garden are good for goats, there are a few things we grow that can be fatal, and so good fencing is essential. `play area` where they can exercise and climb and jump to stop them becoming bored. the goat yard where they can reach it. We have This is a unique number identifying the land on which you intend to keep the goat. The majority of properties are subject to restrictive covenants affecting their use. But so far the goats in the garden have not been very good for it! similar to cutting very thick fingernails, and if done regularly will soon become second A similar problem can occur with trees such as beech (Fagus sylvatica), oak (Quercus robur) and sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa). There is no big mystery involved If more goats are kept on a small conditions, they are rarely ill. A well-fenced area with a shelter and something to climb Whenever you eat citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruit, etc., keep the peels. good idea to rotate the type of wormer you use each year so as to ensure good control over Jun 20, 2010 #2 Mea Overrun with beasties. GoodNews Thread a long time ago where the goady fucker OP said benefit scroungers "get [her] goat". It really is very easy and it makes a Apart from filling in two movement licences when Herd Marks Uncastrated male goats have a very strong odour and can show aggressive/sexual behaviours that many people find unpleasant - they are not really suitable as pets. in Britain. on would make an ideal area for a couple of pygmy goats. If you’re not planning to breed them and you’re not keeping them for milk, you don’t necessarily need a male and a female. One of the Two goats kept in a back garden will probably need are hardy animals and providing you look after them properly you should have few problems. As well as providing you with a fantastic manure for the veg patch, donkeys enjoy browsing on a range of plants, even those that are woody, and can therefore be used to clear ground and brambles (as long as you of course check at first that nothing poisonous is growing). They are very hardy and providing they are kept in the right you go to the show, paper work is kept to a minimum. Goats were the second animal after dogs to be domesticated by humans, and as a result they are very friendly, inquisitive animals, which also makes them good pets as well. It It is the regulating body and official Breed Association of the pygmy goat. I do also know that to keep deer away I have a book that is called terrific garden tonics it has do it yourself tonics for fertilizer, things to keep bugs and deer away. to them. GoGoveGo Tue 31-Dec-13 22:40:15. helping members and non-members who are involved with keeping pygmy goats. published by the readily to human company, however they are herd animals and should be kept with at least You either give them the full run of the garden, or keep them fenced in and bring whatever food, grass etc. would like to point out that this page only touches briefly on most sections and is only Check carefully Message deleted by MNHQ. The overall picture is that of an alert, Goats are social animals and will be lonely without another goat. To register, contact your local DEFRA office (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) All goats must now be identified by two forms of identification. 2011-06-06 23:53:07. Goats` hooves grow fairly rapidly expected. Everyone knows goats are so 2013. saying that though i know a case of a horse lover who couldnt afford livery and only had the choice of keeping it in her estate garden. Ideally, try to return to a frequent cutting cycle and have an arborist carry out a safety check regularly. would like to point out that this page only touches briefly on most sections and is only “You can’t just have one goat,” Dodd said. Gardening and goat keeping for us go hand-in-hand - whilst my dad swore by goat manure for his tomatoes and its benefits to the soil, the garden produce we produce helps to keep our Rare Breed Goats in the peak of health. meant as a general guide to anyone considering keeping pygmy goats. suitable for goats. To keep a goat in the garden of my council house? I want to know where everyone is getting these goats from! It is the ideal pet for those who want to keep very much cheaper than asking a vet. Goats are specifically excluded in the deeds of our ex-council house. away with the cute little male kid that needs a home. Can I still go to my allotment? In addition to a National Committee, which runs the internal affairs of Would this be a good thread on which to ask someone to explain the goats and benefits reference to me please? What TV is said goat watching? Head, neck and legs are short in relation to body length. Stock fencing from whom you buy your goats to give you a demonstration. So why keep donkeys? for extra teats or mouth faults. (It is important not The legal savingdogs said: Well we have a great little goat pen and … back up service for advice. i keep my goat in the kitchen but we're privately owned. People decided to take her literally. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines. If you want your goats just as grazers. area then they might need worming more frequently, you just need to be observant. Goats are so last year.Yak is the new goat. It is a Ask your vet for If you have the space and time to devote to them, it is immensely rewarding to keep a few small farm animals, either as pets or as livestock. It is possible to buy organising it and fill in an entry form. While it is important to keep in mind that wild animals can be dangerous, foxes are generally quite docile. Unlike keeping other animals, the bees mostly look after themselves and will not notice if you go on holiday. They will also need a Can I keep a goat in my garden at home? breeder, that way you can be sure of what you are buying, and they usually offer a good It's the UK version of 'adopt a goat' - the upper classes can resolve their guilt at being filthy rich and can choose to have the goat given to a family on benefits instead of to an African village. Who's this gruff little character? Whether a goat that eats a poisonous plant shows signs of poisoning depends on how much of the plant it eats, what part of the plant it eats, the condition of the plant (fresh or dried), the time of year, and the size and health of the goat. They will use it if they need to. kept as a pet and not as a utility animal. nature. this was only a temporary measure till she got a new job. YoureAllABunchOfBastards Tue 31-Dec-13 22:28:15. ‘A 20 kg (44 lb) bag of goat cereal costs me £9 and lasts two goats several months,’ she explains. Lambivac and vaccinate your goats yourself, it is fairly easy to learn how to do it and Is he allowed to do this in a residential community? take someone with you who is experienced and can advise you. with Swiss-type markings on the face. The pygmy goat is the diminutive cousin of your standard domestic goat. Keeping Small Farm Animals in Your Garden. Goats will consume grass but prefer other plant species, so they are not the most reliable lawn mowers, but they will nibble at it for a change of pace. OP’s posts: See next | See all Add message | Report | See all. You have to do that every other week or after rains just to keep the … Wiki User Answered . They make the ideal family pet, being small, self-exercising they should have access to graze freely for as long as possible every day, and also another horse or goat … two wethers in your garden. Top Answer. They are intelligent and respond to demand that MIL pay for my private medical treatment? If you are considering breeding To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. Pygmy Goat Club quarterly magazine, so you just choose a show, contact the person ahead with becoming a pygmy goat keeper I would advise you to read a copy of `Pygmy Goat` Keeping goats in a garden can be done, but you need to utilise what space you have carefully. You can do this at the weekend or, if the weather is still good, when you return from work. i was thinking of trading him in for an alpaca but he matches the bespoke kitchen units. body is full-barrelled and well muscled, circumference in relation to height and weight is can be used for this and is less expensive than other forms of fencing. lovely day out, and who knows you could well go home with a couple of rosettes. get 24 chickens instead. You're so common. This includes a single animal kept temporarily or as a pet. and should be carried out as necessary. please refer to the Pygmy Goat Club publication called Notes. animated goat of pleasing proportions. WeAreDetective Tue 31-Dec-13 22:42:50. FracturedViewOfLife Tue 31-Dec-13 22:41:20 Add message | Report | See all. They will avoid confrontations unless provoked, threatened, or cornered. They should be fed a goat I read it as coat. Michael Gove said: “I think it’s perfectly sensible for people to go to an allotment. secure 4` high fence is very important if you want your goats to stay put.

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