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In the dry years, Cameron was able to shift the majority of his Damaras to the north east pastoral country. Connect With Us. In 1998 the first Van Rooy embryos were imported into Australia and rams have now been used as a foundation sires in White Dorper upgrading programs. Everything equine - Buy, Sell, Ride. ... English (Australia) Pronunciation: English (Australia) Pronunciation: English (Australia) Pronunciation: English (Australia… Head over to the Member’s Area for all our exclusive tools & resources. Van Rooy. A Roman nose, clean white face, drooping ears and a perpetual sleepy smile coupled with a good nature, make these sheep look happy all year round. Search thousands of classified ads ONLINE. Once he has bred-up a base Van Rooy breeder flock, the plan is to cross some with White Dorpers to produce prime lambs for the domestic market, use Van Rooy sires to send offspring as live exports and maintain the ewe flock. Wahroonga station is the location for most of our breeder Van Rooy ewes. While a little slower to mature for meat, the good mothering and high fertility makes up for this, and the low cost of keeping a sheep that thrives in tough hot conditions. Van Rooy have also been successfullycrossed with the above breeds however, are a newer breed to Australia. The move proved to be hugely successful after a few years. Cameron said the Van Rooys were taller, wider and bigger-framed than the Damaras with a big rear, fat tail and a more placid nature. Arrived in Australia: Australian Population: Distribution: History: A cleanskin breed without wool, just a fine covering of protective hair, developed for meat in South Africa by J.C. van Rooy, who began his breeding program in 1906 using a Blinkhaar Afrikaner ram and 8 Rambouillet ewes, later adding a polled Wensleydale. The main value of the Van Rooy will be in the live export market but Cameron hopes to eliminate some of the domestic buyer bias toward coloured sheep. I am enthusiastic about farming once again.". WHEN Cameron Tubby completed a Nuffield Scholarship two years ago, it opened his eyes to alternative management techniques that he could apply to his own sheep and cropping enterprise. "A lot of traditional farmers strongly resist these animals. Connecting Livestock Buyers & Sellers: Your one-stop shop for livestock news, reports and sale listings. "To maintain our livestock production, we must turn to look at low-cost sustainable grazing systems on marginal land, rather than trying to use it as expensive, unsuitable, unproductive cropping country.". "But the plant is widely used as livestock fodder in places such as the United States, Israel and Syria," Cameron said. Get started now for free. 14 Brindley Street, Dandenong South Victoria 3175 Australia Phone : 03 9768 3300 International : +61 3 9768 3300. ), Van Rooy White Persian, White Persian In 1906 Senator J. C. van Rooy, in the Bethulie district of South Africa started his experiments to propagate a breed of sheep for slaughter lamb production: The requirements he set for this breed, were threefold: . The more popular meat producing breeds that do not produce wool, and are therefore more suitable for hotter climates are the Dorper, White Dorper, Damara, Awassi, Australian White, Persian sheep and Van Rooy. Already a AWHSA Member? Awassi sheep originated in the Syro-Arabian desert. Bundawarra Van Rooy Sheep are a South African breed of meat sheep that were developed early last century for the arid regions to produce a quality carcase for the British market. Merinos had always been the focus until the wool crash, falling lamb prices and drought in the late 1990s. He also crops about 4800ha of mainly wheat and barley with field peas, lupins and triticale. The breed is relatively rare, even in South Africa, but has also been exported to Namibia and Zimbabwe. Coloured sheep may occur in all breeds and some people like to cross breed for certain traits, so the Black and Coloured Sheep Breeders Association of Australia is of interest to some breeders, spinners and weavers - the NSW branch has a website, as does the Vic branch and they have a Facebook page. In 2008, as the drought broke, he was able to bring his core breeding flock back and keep the rest on permanent agistment. 4:56. There are many different breeds of sheep in Australia for both wool and meat production. 1:45. The Van Rooy exhibits a fast growth rate, and rams are often used to crossbreed with other sheep breeds, to produce lambs with good growth rate and early fat accumulation. Information and Annual Report. Phone the Van Rooy Sheep Breeders’ Society of SA at 054 431 0832, or email [email protected]. "In Australia, we can be quite inward looking and unaware what the rest of the world is doing, particularly the Middle East.". They needed lesser handling and were not susceptible to flystrike. It is a fat-tailed sheep and also a hair sheep, removing the need for shearing and crutching. The Van Rooy Sheep Breeders Association was formed in 1947 to watch over the development and interests of the Van Rooy sheep AFRIKAANS ENGLISH 073 310 2225 It was then that Cameron began to seek livestock alternatives to enable him to stay on the family farm. "For anyone wanting to manage livestock easily for a large-volume enterprise in low-rainfall country, this is the way to go. Read some more information about this breed below. StoryfulViral. We’re here to help you show, breed and market the best sheep in Australia. Meatmaster Sheep Characteristics. The upper part of the body must have a woolly mixture of hair. In Australia, Canada and South Africa it has been observed that this colour is often associated with vigour in a variety of environments. Strike Energy officially launched Project Haber on Monday. A Roman nose, clean white face, drooping ears and a perpetual sleepy smile coupled with a good nature, make these sheep look happy all year round. There's a new push to find ways to make money from sheep and cattle carcases. Van Rooy rams are widely used to produce crossbred lambs, which put fat on the carcass at a much earlier stage than when crossbreeding two non-fat-tailed breeds. "Most farmers had to sell off all their Merinos and must now start again from scratch," Cameron said. Futureboxing. Cameron farms 8000 hectares including owned and leased land in WA's north east wheat belt with wife Teresa and four children. Head over to the Member’s Area for all our exclusive tools & resources. Photo: Breed numbers The Van Rooy Sheep Breeders' Association currently has 86 members. The Van Rooy areproving to be as tough if not tougher than the Dorper and have crossed exceptionally wellwith this breed.Van RooyAlso Known By: Van Rooy-Persie (Afrik. In later years, Black Head Dorpers and Savanna goats were also imported. "So far, it has been brilliant. But the sheep liked the cactus so much they 'hammered' the plants in a short space of time. Australian White Sheep appealed to them as they were a reasonably new breed of sheep to this area. At Van Rooy Machinery, we have always embraced the moto “Where Technology and Tradition Unite”. Breeds traits: The happy breed. It completely turned my farming career around," he said. They needed to be self replacing, have high fleshing ability, and consistently uniform. They have the fat pillow under the tail of some cleanskin breeds, and a distinctive wattle under the chin like a venerable judge. Get the most out of your Wiltshire Horn. We’re here to help you show, breed and market the best sheep in Australia.

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