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Yes, it’s dangerous, and like a lot of dangerous things – a mile-high tightrope walk, hanging to the outside of a C130 in flight, killing Keanu Reeves’ dog – it’s also thrilling when done right. With Kim Ok-bin, Shin Ha-kyun, Sung Jun, Seo-hyeong Kim. Time Out says. Film Reviews THE VILLAINESS: The Action Is First. Directed by Byung-gil Jung. The Villainess originally premiered at Cannes Film Festival in May 2017 and has been playing film festivals worldwide since. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. After laying apocalyptic waste to a meth … We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. If Confession of Murder established Jung as a filmmaker to watch, this cements him as a brash, confident hand guiding action cinema to its next levels. The Villainess Review. 0 0 9 Spanning several years, The Villainess follows Sook-hee (Kim Ok-bin), an assassin who has been trained since childhood to be a merciless killer. ReddIt. Read full review The sequence sees Ok-bin Kim as our ‘heroine’ Sook-hee, but from a first person view, channeling so many video games and a lot of Hardcore Henry as she … The engaging characters and subtext are welcomed icing on top. The move expands our view of the stunningly choreographed action and announces a hint of the innovation yet to come. Facebook. It explores the shift from the trust of a child which fuels a young woman’s mechanical execution of murder to the complexity of an adult who has begun questioning the impulses beneath her trauma. The first two or three major set pieces in the South Korean action film "The Villainess" feel like a tossed gauntlet. Time Out says. The Villainess Review A fantastic revenge thriller that ups the ante with its complex storytelling and jaw-dropping set pieces. Story 10. They promised her that she will be free after ten years of service. Review by Claire Langlais. The Villainess is in select North American theaters today. Villainess wants you on your toes. It comfortably sits among modern classics like Oldboy, Lady Vengeance and I Saw the Devil, further emphasising the importance Asian thrillers have in this genre as a whole. Born to Kill: Byung-gil Gets Blood Simple in Crackling Clash of Vengeance Your eyes might feel bruised but your pulse will remain elevated throughout Jung Byung-gil ’s erratic slice of brutal revenge, The Villainess. Its intensity alone is what makes it outlandish; unlike gratuitous gore that shuts down the system, every battle here leaves you so far out on the edge of the knife that shaking your smiling head at the outrageousness of it all is the only possible subconscious pressure valve release. Musanna Ahmed. Naturally, the action isn’t the entire story. It is an opening sequence so … Zoe Tamara The Villainess is released nationwide on 15 th September 2017. … THE VILLAINESS (2017) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (8/10) .....เป็นหนังเกาหลี ที่มีฉากเเอ๊คชั่นโคตรเรียล โหด ดิบ เถื่อน และเลือดสาด นี่เเหละคือ the raid version ผู้หญิง .....หนังเล่าเ Film, Thrillers. Recommended. The Villainess. Enjoyment. The Villainess opens super strongly, with a 10-minute, unbroken (CGI cut) take which, a la Hardcore Henry, is a POV shot. March 2, 2020 | Full Review… Stefania Sarrubba The Fantasia Film Festival picked this visceral action flick to be their 2017 opening picture (July 13). Facebook Twitter. More Like This. This is violence that dances and sings. Web design by Pro Blog Design. Netflix's 2021 Movie Release Lineup: New Films From Chris Hemsworth, Dwayne Johnson, and Zack Snyder Revealed, CES 2021 Highlights: The Biggest Announcements From The Show, Amazon's The Lord of the Rings Prequel: The Second Age Explained. Consider yourself dead and live for me.” Among the wave of South Korean directors 37-year-old Jung Byung-gil is one of the few whose first features, especially Confession of Murder (2012), have gained him a certain international profile within the already eager crowd of cinephiles in search for the next success … The Villainess: Director Jung Byung-gil creates some of the greatest action sequences of 2017 in this South Korean film. Hyun-soo’s legitimate affection for Sook-hee sends us into a second act romantic comedy that is pure delight. 4 out of 5 stars. Holy sh*t, but this series is f-ing hilarious! The opening of The Villainess is dangerous. Affiliate links used when available. WhatsApp. … After the death of her mentor, when the chance of starting a new life was given to her, she came to South Korea as a government agent. The visual style of the film is also one of the most interesting of its year. Related Topics: Foreign Film Review, Jeong Hae‑gyoon, Jung Byung-gil, Kim Ok‑bin, Kim Seo‑hyung, Shin Ha‑kyun, Sung Joon, The Villainess, top-stories Nicholas Bell Los Angeles based Nicholas Bell is's Chief Film Critic and covers film festivals such as Sundance, Berlin, Cannes and TIFF. Review: ‘The Villainess’ Is The Craziest Action Movie of the Year, and Also the Most Convoluted — Fantasia. In one of the bus-staged, climactic fights, we sail anfractously from God-mode to first person to close-up flashes of small details in an awe-inspiring marriage of art and aggression. The Villainess, which debuts in the UK at Frightfest ahead of a cinema release on 15th September, is a South Korean masterclass in action. by Musanna Ahmed. The Villainess gives us one possible view of what happened to Mathilda after The Professional – a girl marred by loss and destruction too early on to ever be sane, who’s faced betrayal after betrayal, who can only ever pretend to be normal. Beyond When Harakiri Met Sally, the triumph of The Villainess is in fight scenes that relish violence without it ever feeling wanton. Twitter. The Villainess (Aknyeo, 2017) immediately bursts onto the screen in a flurry of punching fists, flailing weapons and splattering gore, the camera’s first person point-of-view letting us see through the eyes of an unknown assailant as they easily cut though a sea of bad guys. He wants to be Buster Keaton's best friend. Ha-kyun Shin Jun Sung Ok-bin Kim. Read our review only on the geek show. Save Kim Ok-bin in The Villainess . Share. Pin. 4 out of 5 stars. September 27, 2017. Pin. It is a Korean film directed by Jeong Byung-Gil and stars Kim Ok-Bin and Shin Ha-Kyun. She is amazingly witty and relateable. Jul 27, 2017. Logo Concept by: Illumination Ink. Directed by. 4 out of 5 stars. Musanna Ahmed is a freelance film critic writing for Film… Read Next. 0 Shares. Sook-hee, a trained assassin, agrees to join South Korea's Intelligence Agency as a sleeper agent. The camera is always movie but never in a jarring way. The FL is very relateable and doesn't depend on people when it comes to fighting. Save . The Villainess is a kick to the stomach; shocking, revolting, and exhilarating all at the same time. In these early scenes, writer/director Byung-gil Jung confirms his status as a filmmaker to watch through his brazen, often effective use of long … Starring Ok-bin Kim, Ha-kyun Shin, Jun Sung, Seo-hyeong Kim, Eun-ji Jo, and Ye-Ji Min. More Reviews by Ed Douglas. Even if you haven’t been inured to the joys of Asian cinema yet, Jung’s The Villainess offers enough action to make up for the otherwise confusing complexity of its storytelling. Completed 0. Overall 9.5. Not that anyone could accuse The Villainess of being heady. The Villainess is released on September 15th. His fiction appears at Mulholland Books' Popcorn Fiction and Share. We saw it in early October 2017 and highly recommend watching it on the big screen if you get the chance. Even to her own family! Film Review: ‘The Villainess’ Korean director Jung Byung-gil's female revenge action movie has more braun than brains. The Villainess, the latest film from rising directorial star Jung Byung-gil, is a profoundly stylish and bluntly violent action thriller. When it hits theaters, be prepared to hear the same chorus of quotations that usually orbits buzzy action flicks – “action-packed,” “heart-stopping,” “mind-blowing” – and know that The Villainess surpasses them as something altogether new. Tweet. J ung Byung-gil’s The Villainess bursts out of the gate with merciless intensity. This is not a cerebral tale with any satire or symbolism, but it never pretends to be. The Villainess (2017) Movie Review December 16, 2017 Alex Brannan Leave a comment The opening scene to The Villainess employs the same video game POV styling of Hardcore Henry , although here director Byung-gil Jung doesn’t mince any words. Sook-hee is a trained assassin who was born to kill. Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. She was just a little girl when the training started in Yanbian, China. When screened at the Cannes Film Festival a few weeks ago it was received with a four-minute standing ovation. Tweet. Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy. 0 Shares. Inventive, optically acrobatic, seismic bloodshed. Kim and Sung both shine in sequences where two people pretending to be who they are not let their guards down enough to find genuine love beneath their fake identities. The Villainess is an exquisitely synchronised, photogenically homicidal revenge symphony from South Korea, and it is determined to elevate the extreme action flick into the realms of hyperkinetic high art. Scarlet Witch's Children Explained: Is WandaVision Introducing Wiccan and Speed? Anticipation. Rewatch Value 8.5. Hieu Chau July 12, 2017 Reviews. There are also some great POV sequences allowing for a “Hardcore Henry” feel. Finally, the unseen figure enters a martial-arts studio with a dozen or so adversaries and a mirrored wall. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. The Villainess confounds its audience on two levels: firstly, how the filmmakers pulled off the elaborate set pieces and secondly, leaving them to wonder what the hell is going on in the plot. Linkedin. 1. South Korea combines femme assassin antics with long game revenge. Release Date: August 25, 2017 Director: Jung Byung-gil MPAA Rating: R Runtime: 129 minutes. In Retrospect. Read on to find her adorable and messed up thoughts~ After graduating from a brutal, isolated training facility run by a steely bureau chief, she’s given a fake identity as a sleeper agent posing as a professional actress, and the twitchy, boyish Hyun-soo (Sung Jun) is sent by the agency to live next door and keep tabs on her. Plot logic is swept aside in favour of big action … 0. The Villainess confounds its audience on two levels: firstly, how the filmmakers pulled off the elaborate set pieces and secondly, leaving them to wonder what the hell is going on in the plot. The first two or three major set pieces in the South Korean action film "The Villainess" feel like a tossed gauntlet. 4 minute read. Two outstanding, seemingly single-take action sequences bookend The Villainess, but the strong first and last impressions can’t make up for a shapeless, meandering middle. The Villainess is a slick, action-packed and exciting thrill-ride that will undoubtedly please fans of violent Korean revenge thrillers. Posted by Mari Jones Published . An exhilarating, first-person POV hallway fight scene that leaves a lot of unnamed henchmen in bloodied heaps is thankfully smart enough to (cleverly) shift away from the first-person angle just when you start wondering if the next two hours of your life are going to be a video game you aren’t in control of. Review: The Villainess. A familiar but fun female assassin thriller from South Korea The Villainess is sure to make its mark due to impeccable action sequences, but certainly not for its compelling storytelling. "The Villainess" is an intense action movie, the first eight minutes are to get your brain in the rhythm, right from the start, starting with a bloody opening, practically a carnage, Where a woman (swordsman) in a hallway, cuts mercilessly everything that … Asian cinema is now following Hollywood's lead, and The Villainess (translated as "Wicked" from the original Korean title) over-indulges in hyper-stylized action that actually ends up hindering its effect and it never once feels believable or exciting. By Bradley Hadcroft / September 16, 2017 . Blu-ray: The Villainess (2017) Hailing from South Korea, The Villainess has one of the most violently frenetic openings I’ve ever seen in an Asian thriller …or ANY movie. The Villainess Review. By Bradley Hadcroft / September 16, 2017 . The Villainess really moves up a gear every time Jung Byung-gil’s thoughts turn to mayhem. The Villainess begins with one of the most insane action sequences in recent memory. While coming across less video-gamey than the latter, there is still an element of silliness to this sequence that took me out of the film as a viewer. The Villainess review – rampage through the criminal underworld in sensible heels . Directed by Byung-gil Jung. The plot stays in the standard sandbox that comes with secretive government agencies and sadistic crime families, and it’s just convoluted enough to work. Share this. Music 8.5. The Villainess Review. Review: The Villainess. A street-tough young woman graduates from a finishing school for contract killers in … Film Review – THE VILLAINESS. It focuses on Sook-hee (Kim Ok-bin from Thirst in a breakout role), an assassin, born to violence at a very young age, plucked as an adult from the criminal underworld to work for a government agency as a kind of indentured servant who needs to rack up ten years of missions before being set free to live a normal life. Honestly, I love the whole 'villainess' stories but this is my all time favorite. Suggesting a marriage of Hardcore Henry and The Raid, Jung’s film opens with a seven-minute, mostly first-person single take—actually several shots digitally stitched together to look like one continuous camera movement—in which our protagonist hacks, blasts, stabs, and pounds her … SYNOPSIS: A woman assassin leaves a trail of … News, Reviews. The Villainess, 2017. Tweet. J ung Byung-gil’s The Villainess bursts out of the gate with merciless intensity. 6/10/2017 0 Comments The Villainess is a South Korean action film that is just as heavy hitting in the drama. THE VILLAINESS Review August 24, 2017 Blake Crane Reviews; 5 Film Pulse Score. She puts things into perspective where we normally find things different. Supported by great acting performances, an interesting and very well written story, great cinematography, excellent fight scenes and a genuinely likable main character, The Villainess is hands down one of the, if not the best action movie I've seen in years. 8. The site's critical consensus reads, "The Villainess offers enough pure kinetic thrills to satisfy genre enthusiasts -- and carve out a bloody niche for itself in modern Korean action cinema." Recommended. The Villainess review: flabbergasting South Korean action masterpiece must be seen to be believed 4. This review originally ran during our coverage of the Fantasia Film Festival. 'The latest news on all things 4k Ultra HD, Blu-ray and Gear' Tina Film and TV, Reviews. Director Jung daringly drops a romantic comedy into the middle of his action thriller, and it is so, so good. By. But, don’t get me wrong, the action is spot-on amazing. x'D. The characters, while portrayed strongly by the actors, are all necessarily two-dimensional, but the emotions come through with great clarity. Film Review – THE VILLAINESS. The Villainess is a hyper-violent revenge movie with fight scenes to die for.

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