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Maybe? In The River in Reverse, Marcel and Rebekah plot behind Klaus' back in an attempt to rid themselves of him once and for all by overpowering him with an army and burying him in the garden. Klaus returns power over the Quarter to Marcel in an attempt to gain Marcel's forgiveness but though Marcel continues to tolerate Klaus and would not go to war with him as he promised Rebekah, it is clear their friendship remains strained as Klaus later on refers to Marcel's friendship with him as being damaged and a cost of his victory over Dahlia. Due to this, Klaus is able to stand up to him much better compared to the last time they fought, as the last time they fought Klaus was caught off-guard by Marcel, and Marcel even starts to get frustrated as Klaus is able to stake him in the side and shoulder, apparently acknowledging how more difficult it was to fight Klaus than the last time they fought, stating angrily he should have killed Klaus when he had the chance, which doesn't faze Klaus, who merely tells Marcel it was his mistake before engaging him in a grapple for the dagger. It concluded on June 23, 2017, after 13 episodes. In One Wrong Turn On Bourbon, Although the Hollow's taunts further infuriate Klaus, causing him to choke Marcel, Marcel, ignoring the Hollow's taunts, tosses Klaus aside and tries to reason with Klaus but in the end he is knocked out by Klaus just as he has Elijah beaten. Klaus refused to turn Marcel, believing it would ruin Marcel's innocence and turn him into a monster, and further objects to a romantic relationship between Rebekah and Marcel, offering Marcel the following deal: live with Rebekah for the remainder of Marcel's mortal life with Klaus's blessing, or be turned and give Rebekah up. We hope you find the perfect pet names to spice up your relationship! In Where Nothing Stays Buried, Klaus is quick to agree to help Marcel in trying to resurrect Davina. Klarcel, Nicellus Hayley struggles with coming clean and is surprised by something Jackson admits. Freya and Keelin's wedding took place in Til the Day I Die. The passion and fire Josie has for hating Penelope means that this ship has far from sailed. Vincent sets his eyes on Marcel for answers to what Klaus is hiding. In reply, Klaus wanted to know why Marcel had his guards following him, as he had run into two of them during his small chat with Sophie. Marcel is telling Klaus that nothing is going on with him and his sister. In Keepers of the House, although willing to allow Klaus back into New Orleans to save Hope, Marcel maintains a conscending attitude towards Klaus and he even states that he believes he was doing Hope a favor by deprieving her of Klaus's presence, much to his mock rage. In When The Saints Go Marching In, Marcel attends Klaus' funeral as he prepares to sacrifice himself to destroy the Hollow for good. In No More Heartbreaks, Klaus and Marcel, along with the rest of the Mikaelsons and their allies, work together to try and save Cami's life from Lucien Castle's lethal bite. Later, he got Josh after being uncompelled by Davina to be a spy for him. However, he refuses Klaus's offers of ruling side-by-side, stating that he may have the kingdom Marcel had built up for himself but he would never have his friendship back that way. Photo: The CW/Bob Mahoney. Rebekah: He's staying and I'm not running, I'm disembarking a sinking ship. Marcel went on to assure the Original that he would find out what business Jane-Anne had with him. Ships are often built and repaired by shipwrights, such as the Galley-La Company in Water 7. Rebekah and marcel (@x_tvd.show_) on TikTok | 948 Likes. Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah witnessed a man whipping a young boy, and the boy turned around and thrown an apple at him, clearly angered at his treatment. They arrive to a parking garage to find a man and a woman in the back of a van. Klaus breaks her neck which he claims would make Marcel trust him more not suspecting he's the reason of why his right hand man Thierry is in the Garden. Marcel said that he had an ace up his sleeve and that's when he laid eyes on Camille, a young bartender who Klaus met earlier. Klaus seems to have began to get over some of his resentment towards Marcel for his saving Hope, asking him to work together as it is the only way to possibly defeat the Hollow, which Marcel ponders on.

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