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With this strategy in mind Brooke and the rest of the survivors were treated to entire days of the Orcs simply standing throughout the city in painful arrogance of their numbers. Lucas has a heart attack that same night and almost dies, causing Peyton to fear that she will lose him like everyone else and get distant. Peyton goes through an emergency caesarean section, and falls into a coma. Keeping her promise Brooke goes to Loras Tyrell who Lucas had suggested but finds that Loras has been placed on house arrest following what happened with Lucas as he is seen as too loyal to Lucas and thus she goes to the next person Lucas suggested in the form of Thomas Sifflet and finding him fishing at the lake its Brooke who speaks to him and convinces him to take on the role of the defender of Tree hill. Waking up hours after the massacre of his family he would attempt with failed results to find anyone else alive and realizing he was alone he would hide himself in the Typhon cellar where he would attempt to plan his escape. Peyton had been able to return to the keep before the massacre and now she was crying so much that Lucas had to hold her up, and he would hand her over sadly to Brooke and Haley of whom he forced to return inside the inner Hold. My survival rested upon the simple fact that the Orcs had killed everyone and thus they didn't believe it was possible for anyone to be alive outside of the wall. So tell me the truth why you must always stand by his side? What are you gonna do, give up? Together, they then defeat him and he ends up in jail. Later, at a frat party, Peyton meets up with a male college student named Gabe, who puts a date-rape drug in her drink. She later apologized for this. Because of this in the days leading up to the Fall of Tree Hill Peyton had rejected Lucas's proposal to marry him, and this had created the first problem between the two. Peyton Sawyer does such a good job of being "pretty in punk", and it never looked so good! Because of the encounters he has with his nemesis Nathan, Lucas and Peyton see each other more, soon after producing a spark between the two. Making his way from roof to roof he would get himself all the way back to the keep and seeing the keep wall, he was able to fashion a rope that he used to climb back over the inner wall, where he was found by his brother Nathan passed out on the wall. She was the head of the makeup department on the ABC television series The Gates in 2010 and was credited in all thirteen episodes of the series. She listened to rock and punk, and constantly drew to represent her emotions, which were deeper and darker than those of the stereotypical cheerleader. When Brooke was eleven her mother brought home an orphan girl named Peyton Sawyer of whom she had discovered while travelling to the market. Peyton Sawyer was born the only child of Mary, and Thomas Sawyer of which Mary Sawyer was the childhood best friend of Karen Scott the incoming matriarch of House Scott, and at the time of her birth she stood first in the line of succession as her parents had no other children, and her uncle was childless as well. If he is not, Jake promises to still be there, waiting. What did that say to every city, town, and village that was near Tree Hill. Lucas sends Jamie the basketball which was given to him by Keith on Lucas's seventh birthday. ("You Have to Be Joking (Autopsy of the Devil's Brain)"). Moving her way through the tunnels she would eventually arrive at the entrance which was inside her home in the keep where she was living under the guise of Lady Morrigan Sylne of House Slyne. Haley makes a scrapbook for Peyton. At the same time as they were moving it was the movement of Alex Kirsh in the northern gatehouse that would seal the fate of the army of Earl Scott. Following the killing of Jaime its Dan who is confronted by Lucas who knew Jaime as they were of similar age and as Lucas and Dan's fight gets worse Dan's guards arrive and at Dan's orders take Lucas into custody putting him a cell to cool off leaving Dan, Nathan, and Brooke alone. Peyton is driving down the road in the Comet with the top down listening to Mia's new song and loving life. I'll use your fingers as spoons. through listening in on a conversation between Brooke and Haley James. Peyton is enraged at Brooke and punches her, giving Brooke a black eye. Lucas proposes to Peyton. Distraught, Peyton was unaware that Julian's father, Paul Norris had planted the story and she began to resent Julian and believe him to be worse than he actually was. After the rejection of the proposal Peyton became distant from Lucas, and this made her closer to Brooke Scott, and Brooke would definetly need her for the coming days as she was to married off to Julian Baker of House Baker. With their businesses in shambles and the slave trade over, House Nighting became poor very quickly, and all the friends that they once had disappeared overnight it seemed. The two remain secret lovers, though no sex is involved, and they finally declare their love for each other. She wanted to name her daughter Annabelle "Anna" Elizabeth Sawyer Scott by giving the baby her surname as well but ended by naming her Sawyer Brooke Scott. I'm asking you to do this because I believe our time is running short. As time went by you wondered whether he had any intention of killing us. The rest of your life is a long time. At first they were silent in their support of the True Sons of Lucerne, as they didn't want further attention, but it would be a single piece of mail sent by a raven that would send the members of House Nighting into a fierce debate of which would decide the future of House NIghting. After her wedding and the birth of her daughter, Sawyer Brooke Scott, Peyton and her family moved away from Tree Hill, leaving the label to be run by Haley James Scott, one of Peyton's best friends along with Brooke Davis. Peyton said she would "always" remain Peyton Sawyer no matter who she married. It was a sound I had never heard before in my life but it was defenaing in its scope, and horrifying in its pitch. Dan visits Peyton and she, after some hesitation, allows Dan to hold Sawyer. Lucas, believing it to be because of her condition, turns away with the container. The insanity that leads a man to turn on his people. Derek, who is in the Marine Corps and unwilling to open his heart to people after trying that at first only to watch them die, avoids Peyton until Lucas comes and talks some sense into him. The finale ends with a crying, bewildered Peyton on a beach, and Lucas coming to comfort her shortly after confessing his feelings for Brooke and having her more or less reject him. You had to keep believing that someone was coming to save us otherwise what point was there to even resisting. She immediately confesses that she's in love with him, to which Lucas just says "Oh." I promise you their will be better days. That's there to remind you, that somewhere out there is something better, and that something is worth fighting for. Peyton and her husband take care of her nephew and niece in her home during Haley's search for Nathan. That's life. After breaking up with Julian, Peyton was heartbroken to find a tabloid story about how he went to Sundance and slept with an A-list actress. Peyton with Jake. I thought that my death would somehow save the city, but when I survived I realized I had accomplished nothing. Peyton decides it's a great idea and says she will put one together. But that happiness fades once Jake overhears Peyton say, "I love you, Lucas," in her sleep. Peyton was ashamed for her actions and shattered over the loss of her friend. She grabbed Nathan by the collar and punched him in the face for the person he had become, and she kept hitting him until he pushed her off him, and ordered one of his men to escort her back to the tower, and to lock her, Haley, Brooke and his mother on the balcony. Peyton moves to Los Angeles to work for Sire Records. When Lucas and Peyton rush out to put an end to the tape, they, and everyone else, discover that it is in fact, of Nathan and Brooke. Peyton attempted to get onto the wall to see him but the guards forced her back farther into the keep where she eventually met up with Brooke, and Haley who watched with her from the Dragon Tower what they believed was going to be the death of Lucas Scott on the bridge. Her happiest song was "Happy Birthday", or "pretty much every song that ends with cake.". one tree hill, one tree hill, peyton, lucas, brooke, nathan, haley, mouth, rivercourt, basketball, leyton, brucas, red, yellow, heart, tv, one tree hill, 3, 23, lucas scott, nathan scott, haley james scott, peyton sawyer, brooke davis, river court, peyton and lucas, always and forever Peyton was fiercely independent with a guarded heart and a tough life. Later, she receives a visit from Julian's dad, with whom she seems to have a great relationship with, and he tells her that Julian not only did not have sex with a famous actress after Sundance, but did not even go to his own movie premiere because he was so depressed after their breakup. Earl's forces would arrive at Tree Hill nearly a day and a half later and were exhausted due to the speed at which they had been marching to Tree Hill. The accident that cost Anna her life made a large impact on Peyton's life, as it drove an unintentional wedge between her and her father as she grew. This does, and sparks a turnaround for Peyton, and she and Jake fall in love. When Ellie passed away Peyton was hit hard especially since she had now lost both her mothers and just after she found Ellie. Hair color: Family: Through this label, she found and signed Mia Catalano, and they soon become good friends. They attended eighth-grade cheerleading camp together, and stuck together in high school when they both joined the Tree Hill Ravens cheerleading squad, a hobby that Peyton felt she never really fit into, but committed to nonetheless in loving memory of her late mother, who had also been a cheerleader for the Ravens basketball team. Peyton Sawyer’s 1963 Mercury Comet Convertible Photo: Warner Bros. Television Appearing consistently throughout the series, Peyton’s car has been there from the very first scene. Gerlinde quickly realized that the Orcish main leader in the form of Jurden Hardaxe was a puppet of Morrigan and was actively working against the destruction fo Tree Hill, and thus it was Gerlinde that went to Chigdrask a goblin leader of the Hill of Edrestic and turned him Chigdrask into her puppet. Peyton regrets her hostile remarks toward Lindsey when she discovers Lindsey's dad died from cancer, which prompts the two to start from a clean slate regarding their interaction. Elizabeth is a feminine name of Hebrew origin. Peyton Sawyer #83. While in LA, Peyton starts to miss Lucas and returns to Tree Hill for him. To which Lucas responds, "No, we're having this baby. By shutting this gate he had managed to stem the flow of Orcs entering the city, and through this act most likely saved the inner city who was having great difficulties holding. Peyton falls unconscious. 1. The City was near destruction, and it seemed only fitting that the entire Kingdom of Lucerne would mass to take it back. 4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Traveling Abroad), The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most, With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept, Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends, You Have To Be Joking (Autopsy Of The Devil's Brain), I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me, Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous, You Have to Be Joking (Autopsy of the Devil's Brain), You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three Tonight,, Peyton is a unisex name of Old English origin, possibly related to the name. At times they would be assisted by some of the fleeing soldiers, but they basically held it alone against hundreds of marauding Orcs for nearly a half an hour. Arriving at Forks the two would quickly gain an audience with the king of whom was surrounded at the time by Charlie Swan, Leven Martell, and Bella Swan, and seeing how influential the group was Edric would immediately tell the king what he knew which horrified the group of whom had already rallied their forces and was planning to move out the next day to Berne. The members of House Nighting were beyond shocked at what had happened to them, and in this moment they attempted to meet with all the members of their customer base, but they discovered that House Scott had been working behind the scenes and had infiltrated this network, and was now dismantling the criminal enterprise from within. Brooke and Haley constituted Peyton's life and have been her greatest support system after all her grief she went through. You should be ashamed that those men fought side by side with me and all you did was hide on the walls. All the fighting surrounding me and there I was watching you move like a god. Eye color: Lucas wraps her leg, hoping to help the bleeding and pain subside, but as Peyton is falling out of consciousness, he forces her to talk about a fun day she once had. As panic began to set in for the town, Lucas stood up and gave a speech that many point to as the moment the siege truly began. was meeting with his wife and the leadership of Forks. Lucas and Peyton stay in hiding. Anna died in a car accident when Peyton was eight, leaving her to be mainly brought up by her father; who was frequently absent due to his career. A school shooting breaks out, and Peyton is left fighting for her life after being shot in the leg by Jimmy Edwards (who accidentally shot Peyton after shattering a glass panel and did not specifically intend to hurt her). 1,066 likes. Haley officiates their wedding and the couple share heartfelt vows and declare their love for each other in front of their family and friends (Larry and Karen were unable to make it due to the short notice.) His oppurtunity would come when the main army of Tree Hill which had been ordered by him to Forks on the day of the attack massed alongside hundreds of volunteers and prepared to move inside the city from the eastern gate so to give the defenders more time for the relieving force to arrive. Looking to the source of the arrow he saw his brother Nathan on the wall, and the two shared a quick look before Nathan aimed his bow and fired once again into the mass crowd behind them. Dealing with the grief of her mother's death, Peyton soon found a friend in Brooke Davis, who constantly visited her to see if she was all right, and spent most of her days with Peyton underneath a bridge in Tree Hill. The container is for the baby. Alex Kirsh had waited for Earl's forces to arrive, and once they neared the gatehouse he begin to lower the gate so that they couldn't get inside. Telling him they both forgive him, she tells him to never come back to her. In that moment he looked over at her, and the two seemed to finally accept what had changed between them, and they proceeded to have sex on the balcony of the keep tower. Everyone knew. Getting onto the walls the Orcs would take horrible casualties but there number were unending and they were able to wipe out the defenders including Lord Typhon and two of his sons, and would thus gain entrance into the courtyard within.

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