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... especially the Croatia trip, I've always wanted to go to Croatia anyway! Forget ferries and luxury yachts, the best way to island-hop in Croatia is to smear yourself with Vaseline, strap on your goggles and swim, says Lucy Grove. SwimTrek arranges for its guests to stay at Hotel Maestral (www.hotelmaestral. There are tens of thousands of island swims around the world. "SwimTrek also run week-long swimming breaks around the world, with the ones to the Greek Cyclades and Croatia looking particularly beguiling." family-run 'museum' dedicated to the 16th-century inventor of the parachute, who lived in Prvié. Upcoming trip dates include Malta Aug. 30, Croatia Aug. 16 and Greece Sept. 23. Image Late season European swims and November issue preview. 22 August 2018 14:07 SwimTrek Spartans; 653. Week-long trips to Malta, Croatia and Greece start around $1,400. Long-distance swimming is the ultimate endurance test in nature, a lo-fi, boundary-breaking challenge in the wild. BEST FOR Swimmers and easy- going amblers who are happy to wander from village to village. ... 2018 @outdoor_swimmer. Croatia. That was a winner and I should have done that the 1st swim. Four of my fellow BVI swim-trekkers were repeat customers and couldn’t say enough positive things about the trips they had been on, swimming in Greece, Croatia, Malta. Also Turkey, and have crossed the Hudson River in 3 different swims. There's about a 100 mile lap to Bari, in the italian coast (i suggest a motorized escort and wetsuit). I hadn’t been there before, had heard great things, the swims were not as tough as some of their trips (average 3k) and jellyfish are few and far between in the Adriatic. The World’s Top 100 Island Swims for 2019 include the following, listed alphabetically: World’s Top 100 Island Swims: 1. Does anyone have any opinions of Swimtrek or of the area? She joined SwimSwell in Croatia back in June to have a little fine tuning of her technique and a few training sessions to prepare her for some bigger swims. UK 1967 14:09 St Richard of Chichister Boys' School; 656. Awesome Don! SwimTrek (swimtrek.com) is the largest operator with more than 30 destinations. at Long Beach Memorial in Long Beach. UK / USA 1 August 2005 14:09 The Jitterbugs; 656. However, very few fellow French swimmers. It's a long way to come if things don't work out.... David. We also spotted Russians, Italians, a few Americans, a team from Turkmenistan, a woman from Lebanon and obviously, lots of Turks. LONG SWIMS WEEK GREECE Mathraki is a very remote island in Greece and an incredible location for swimming. Every 5th feed was black tea with fruit sugar. 2 September 2017 14:09 Aspire (Coelacanth) 656. On day 3 after a long smooth 4.5km coastal swim, we were relaxing in a gorgeous harbor thinking that all is right with the world. How exotic for my husband and I, Londoners. 9. 8. Croatia. Some of them were double x double strength (you read that right). Here are some of the best wild-swimming spots around the world from the Carribean to the Middle East and Europe I was lucky last weekend to be invited to take part in a test run for a new swimming event in Croatia. although there is a wacky. Credit: SwimTrek And the unpredictability of the sea merely adds to that appeal. SwimTrek's short swim trip in Croatia ... Blending coastal swims with island-hopping, the trip includes a hike up Mount Klepac on Zlarin island. We typically did a 2-3k swim in the morning crossing between islands and then a 1 – 2k costal swim in the afternoons. Does anyone have any opinions of Swimtrek or of the area? SwimTrek must be doing something right. "e !rst company to do this was SwimTrek, who kicked o% with a week-long trip to the Greek Cyclades islands in 2003. . If you’re fit, you can walk it in +/- 12 days. Established in 2010 by Guinness record holder and world-renowned marathon swimmer Martin Strel … It’s 180k long with a total variation in height of about 10,000 metres. It's a long way to come if things don't work out.... David. Trips run January to November, from a one-day swim at Alcatraz to eight days in the Greek Sporades. Time - 1:05.03 (split-fins) 4.4E - 0512 Slack - 0849 3.7F - 1144 This is Monika. Who do you swim with in the Bay? Darrel Rivers, the main character is a jolly-hockey-sticks all round good egg, who manages to get into a few scrapes on her inevitable journey to Head Girl. The swims in the sea around Croatia were lovely. UK 2015 14:08 Dover Souls; 653. SwimTrek: Dalmatian Coast, Croatia - Dawn Walker After hearing lots of positive and exciting feedback about SwimTrek holidays (from Rebecca, Mike and other friends…) we decided that it would too good an opportunity to miss: combining a trip to the UK with a few cheeky ocean swims in Europe beforehand. Based in the historic town of Sali, on the island of Dugi Otok, these swims explore the Kornati National Park, an archipelago of over 130 remote & often uninhabited islands off the northern Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. Swim Art 415-299-9098; www.swim-art.com . Croatia Tourism Croatia Hotels Bed and Breakfast Croatia Croatia Holiday Rentals Croatia Holiday Packages Flights to Croatia Croatia Restaurants Croatia Tourism Croatia Hotels Croatia Bed and Breakfast Croatia Holiday Rentals Croatia Packages Flights to Croatia Croatia Restaurants Croatia Attractions UK 1 July 2010 14:08 Wings Big Swim; 653. Yeah, check the adriatic pool, open 24/7 all year round, you can enter the pool pretty much at every little village on the coast. Strel Swimming Adventures offers unique swimming holiday and vacation trips and gulet liveaboard cruises in Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Turkey, Slovenia and Arizona (Lake Powell) in the USA. Swimtrek - Various locations ... from the Maldives in the Indian Ocean, to Mexico's Baja Peninsula. 14 September 2018 14:08 Trinity School Relay Team; 656. Participants swim on average four kilometers a day, and the price starts at about £750, or $1,200. This was going to be a long swim. I have also done long distance open water swims, with Swimtrek; in Greece, Croatia, the British Virgin Islands. One of those swims is the crossing of Lake Zurich tomorrow. Head to the Hills do trips in Lake District and Swimtrek do trips in Scotland and Lakes or Gone Swimming for North Wales x. Fiona E. replied: ... We have organised swims, coaching, guiding but also just meet ups now and again. Swimquest, a United Kingdom company, has trips with medal-winning swimmers who can analyze a swim stroke and offer ways to improve efficiency with pool and open-water swims. . Founder and director Simon Murie says that a tour company can take care of potentially headache-inducing logistics, such … Look up Swimtrek's swims if you don't already know of them--terrific trips! Ade swears by just having warm water during his long swims > I'll leave that feeding plan with him! So here, at last, is the real thing. See SwimTrek The Diapontia Islands (off the north west coast of Corfu) provide fantastic opportunities for inter island swims, island hops, circumnavigation and coastal exploration. The seven-day Short Swims Croatia trip (departs 15 Sept; £810pp, excluding flights) combines island-hopping and coastal swims, as well as stroke analyses to help you improve. For the Croatia trip, bring some good walking shoes (there's a 1-hour hike to the Krka waterfalls and there can be some shorter island hikes that are on rocky trails). I chose Croatia for various reasons. SUMMARY EVENTS 2012 International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame induction ceremony 2012 Global Open Water Swimming Conference 2011 World Open Water Swimming Awards Swim Across America Long Beach: 100m, 800m, 1.5km, 5km and 10km charity swims DATES Friday, September 21 – Sunday, September 23 As a part-time swim guide the past 2 years for Swim-Trek's Croatia trip & and as a customer 3 years ago on the Greece trip, I've enjoyed reading the postings. which organises guided swims around islands There's not much to do other than swim. There is nothing better! Jan 9, 2018 - Book your Kornati swimming holiday today to experience the calm and sheltered waters of the lagoon of Telascica Bay Nature Park. It is considered to be the most difficult of all the GR routes and one of the most beautiful mountain trail in Europe. The Malory Towers series by Enid Blyton was a favourite of mine during my childhood. For example, it hosts a seven-day course on the islands off the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. water swims based in a particular part of the world. At this point, the best I could do was point towards the opening, fight the dying ebb and hope for slack waters which was pretty much what happened. ). Tour Manager SwimTrek Swimming Holidays 2008 – 2012 4 years. The British contingent was out in force thanks to SwimTrek and in the line, we met swimmers from Manchester, London and Bath. The Croatia Long Swims trip offers daily swim distances longer than most of our trips. com, 00-385-22-448300), a small waterfront hotel with clean, contemporary style, excellent food and friendly service. 26 kilometers. Island swims are solo, stage, competitive, relay or charity open water swims or swim vacations to, from, on, in, near or around islands in any open body of water. GR 20 is a long distance trail that crosses Corsica diagonally from north to south. UK company Swimtrek. 650. Winning strokes. 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