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The radio commercials that run in Boston Massachusetts have ruined the word “conversely” for me. Haven’t been able to find it on the web. You can settle in with this new compilation video of all 15 funny radio ad examples – just click, sit back and enjoy. Technique: music parody with lots of internal rhymes and inside-joke show references. Declaring “I’m not history yet,” Walt is writing away on his original I.P. RBR-TVBR - January 14, 2020. Progressive ran … Richard Guerra Miami, Florida, USA 0:00. Lyt gratis til Progressive Radio Network - Online New York online fra din iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows eller Mac. Effective. Key lines: “Wow, you beat yourself up very well, sir.” “Thanks!”, Winner, National Addy Award, Radio. Welcome to PROG.FM Progressive Rock Internet Radio. He’s pointed to CreativeWorks, a “one-stop shop for marketing solutions.” “Even for a genius?,” the good doctor asks. If you just love funny audio, we get that, too. This spot, one of a series of “Larry and LaVerne” commercials created by Paul & Walt for Jeopardy and its distributor, King World, featured very funny performances by legendary comedians Lorenzo Music and Patti Deutsch. I’m thinking its Jennifer Robertson from Schitt’s Creek! Walt Jaschek is a writer of comics, comedy and copy for big brands. Key line: “It’s the rock-meets-reality TV series that licks them all.”  Hear the spot, read the script. Email. another damn progressive commercial I've only heard this on the radio, don't know if there's a tv version as well. This spot is one of the most listened to and liked radio commercials on our YouTube channel. Wes has a party to make happen and very little time to make it happen in. Hear the spot, read the script. Play "Ta Da" Sound: Share "Ta Da" Sound: Download "Ta Da" Sound: Download Sound. “Mister Rippemoff” for NewsCenter 7 Wastebusters, “Vibrating Water Bed” for Jeopardy Tournament of Champions, “Subliminal Seduction” for Baron’s Saloon Restaurant Chain,, Now Compiled in One Video: The 15 Funniest Radio Commercials Ever Created by Paul & Walt Worldwide – Paul & Walt Worldwide, SON OF GRAFAN (SOG) Zine 1971 – 1975 | St. Louis Comics Fandom Remembered, GRAFAN zine, 1970-1971 | St. Louis Comics Fandom Remembered, “Ned and the Nude” | Try-Out Comic for The Simpsons, Walt Jaschek Reveals Secret: “Lucky Red Underwear”, Rediscovered! (“I am so stupid! Technique: funny dialogue; use of historical figure of import and intellectual capacity to contrast the simplicity of the offer. 0:00. So if you like Progressive Radio Network you can go to its website and donate some money to the team. Winner, Clio Award for “Best Radio Copywriting.” Winner, National Addy Award. Opening line: “And now, Mr. Goulet reads from the writings of Bart, the collected, after-school blackboard writings of young Bart Simpson.” Read the script. Technique: quick cuts of relatable, comic one-liners with rocking, musical “black-outs.” This is another of the stand-up-comedy-style  spots polished by Paul & Walt, as heard in the Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems spot above. Progressive Radio Commercial - Everything is Weird I was DYING at this radio commercial where two girls are talking asking about each others day and stuff bit they are talking like "What are ya ganna da tada" instead of "what are you gonna do today" Memorable. Radio writers: the “Missing Persons” commercial is a good example of the copywriting tip, “Keep one feature or benefit to a spot.” To illustrate: after listening, can you name what time Matlock is on? Starring the late, great singer/orator Robert Goulet as himself. They also improve the overall radio listening experience. All your other commercials are amazing and funny but the “some things make total sense, like switching to geico” commercials are terrible and I want to bite my lips off every time I hear them. Or you can scroll down to the individual funny radio commercial titles and descriptions, and follow links to the corresponding spots and script examples. National Addy Award winner. 8 Tracks 43968 Views. Technique: a funny list structure, contrasting a serious, somber voice to the cartoon character’s juvenile, sarcastic sayings. D&D Beyond It was so out of character for progressive. The world's finest progressive rock streaming radio, featuring established, unsigned, and upcoming progressive rock artists and music. It’s what motivates a lot of people to buy an RV, hit the road and camp to get closer to nature. TV Commercials. Linkedin. Buy me a coffee, and I will toast you with it! That’s radio, baby! We’re here to help. Technique: funny dialogue and theatre of the mind to demonstrate fan devotion. Modern & classic rock, electronica, world music & more - picked & mixed by real humans - high quality sound with no subscription fees or ads. to be released starting in 2022. If you’re impacted by COVID-19, visit our response page. Hate this progressive radio commercial. Key line: “My wife is missing.” Read the script. Winner, National Addy Award, Radio. Want to hear the Geico commercial with the man on motorcycle doing the laundry. The radio advertisement was based on the old saying "cuss like a sailor", Related: Progressive Insurance - Commercials. So please turn your volume up for the following, 15 great radio ad examples, written or co-written… There’s a fucking commercial where two “trendy” girls are like “what do you want to da TA da?” “Idk what do you want to Santa da?” “We could switch to progressive and save TA da” And I want to personally fight whoever wrote it, acted in it, and edited it. About Party107. Ta-da, valleygirls. By. Key line: “My wife is missing.”, Funny radio commercial #3 and #4: “Laugh Catalog 1 & 2” for George Schlatter’s Comedy Club, Winner, Clio Award for “Best Use of Sound.” Technique: “list” structure and contagious sounds of laughter. Well-written and well-produced comedy spots get heard, get remembered and get results. Formerly (Bunch of guys in the yard). Posted by 4 months ago. Listen to your favorite progressive house music for free at or on your smartphone. Well-written and well-produced comedy spots get heard, get remembered and get results. Effective. Back to radio kzoo hawaii soundboard afternoon show ... 11 Tracks 43336 Views. This video also contains the sequel, “Laugh Catalog 2.” Bonus trivia: these spots represent two of the first creative collaborations between writer Walt Jaschek and producer Paul Fey. Download and listen to new, exclusive, electronic dance music and house tracks. When Walt heard the incredible sound design Paul and engineer Bill Schulenberg brought to the spots, he thought, “This radio thing. Twitter. Technique: “quick cut” structure of comic one-liners. Starring the late, great singer/orator Robert Goulet as himself. Linkedin Like a bolt from the blue, insurance company Progressive has come from “nowhere” to land atop the Media Monitors list of radio’s leading national advertisers. 14. Walt’s YouTube channel has a lot of stuff like this. A couple of funny actors having a good time with this one! save. Autograph lives next door and plays turn up the radio. – insert your name.”) The target audience of this spot is men, but we wrote a version for women with the roles reversed. We might be onto something here.” Key line from the spot: “Guffaw With Wheeze.” Read the script. Key line: “Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to be a neurosurgeon AND a swimwear model.” Tell us about it. So please turn your volume up for the following, 15 great radio ad examples, written or co-written… two girls with valley girl accents are talking about "switching to progressive so they can 'sah' 'todah' and buy some 'za" thay just go on and on for what seems like forever... always makes me want to steer my truck into an oncoming semi I thought they were odd from the first time I heard them. Maybe’s it’s biceps on the guy in the thumbnail? His many scripts for funny commercials on behalf of national brands earned him induction in 2018 in the St. Louis Media Hall of Fame. Settings. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Well-written and well-produced comedy spots get heard, get remembered and get results. Technique: parody of fan/cult behavior to express popularity of show. Techniques: theatre of the mind and a “game” of listener participation. This spot, part of an entire “Shaving My Head” campaign, was reimagined by Channel 6 Miami into a very funny TV commercial with people all over South Florida shaving, what else, their heads. I love that commercial. A couple of funny actors having a good time with this one! That is why the accept donations from their listeners directly on their website. We’re here to help. share. COMMENTS. Formerly Key line: “Tell them I went out my window, down the fire escape, and booked down the street screaming like a madman.”. Shop a variety of other commercial insurance products through several trusted providers of the Progressive Advantage® Business Program. Winner, $20,000 Mercury Award for Radio Humor. An average 1 500 commercial trucks are processed at … A little bit of outrageousness to match the personality of the star. Memorable. Albert Einstein” announces he’s working on a “brand new theory,” but is looking for help in “marketing” it. Love the clown hair dresser radio commercial!! Key line: “I’m shaving my head!”, Winner, Promax Award for local news promo. , Ware can I find the commercial that has the dude saying at the end I’m ganna rook my socks into little balls.. They also improve the overall radio listening experience. Commercial auto policies are underwritten by Progressive Casualty Ins. Funny radio adverts will make audiences fall in love with your brand. RECOMMENDED SOUNDBOARDS. Yes! Key line: “Southwestern Bell Mobile is trouble-free. Memorable. Key line: “He talks and he laughs / his voice full of gravel, but the bad guys just gasp / when he bangs his big gavel.”  Hear the spot, read the script. Its success for the brand and his agency early in his copywriting days helped accelerate Walt’s entire career. Visit Progressive Commercial Insurance for more detailed information on all our commercial products, or call 1-888-240-9837 to get a free quote. Live progressive house radio stations online from Ireland. It reached the top of the sales charts and it was licensed in several countries Technique: funny dialogue, theatre of the mind, and a “game” of listener participation. That’s the case, but then the South Africans are saying they have limited space on their commercial side,” he said. But when it comes to actually owning one—and dealing with it in the wilderness—most people eventually realize that sometimes the wildest thing out there can happen right inside your vehicle. Don’t miss the great sound design of the goofy caller walking down the hall and back. That clown voice is hilarious. Vintage Radio Commercials. at last. Test your knowledge about the Gecko, the Caveman, the Camel and more with this fun quiz. (Yes, that’s Walt standing in for Mister Rippemoff, above.) See also: 30-Second Radio Ad Script ExamplesTurn-Key Radio Creation from Scripts to Spot. We'll be able to tell you if it is a legitimate email sent from Progressive. Technique: funny dialogue and theatre of the mind. For the that makes no sense geico radio commercial, who is doing the guy voice? Technique: funny dialogue; use of historical figure of import and intellectual capacity to contrast the simplicity of the offer. Funny radio commercials: Beloved. You need to have a contest for ideas! Saving you money and making you boogie? is a breakbeat community featuring the breaks and breakbeat radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A little bit of outrageousness to match the personality of the star. Trouble with heat-Miami Heat players playing basketball in the house. WhatsApp. By the way, that spot makes a guest appearance in Larry Oakner’s book about funny radio, Funny radio commercial #2: “Missing Persons” for Matlock, Winner, Clio Award for “Best Radio Copywriting.” Winner, National Addy Award. This radio station is a listeners-supported commercial organization. Key line: “A friend of mine asked me to tell him about my Volvo. The best free Progressive Rock Radio playing great music from groups like Porcupine Tree, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Kayak, King Crimson, Knight Area, IQ, Marillion, Nektar, RPWL, Pendragon, Flower Kings, Riverside, SYN, Yes, and Independent Artists from all over the world. Winner, National and Regional Addy Awards. Winner, Promax Award for local news promo. But then, trouble is always free.”, Winner, Promax Muse Award and a National Addy Award. Airing over 47,000 commercials on radio stations across the country kept Progressive Insurance at the top of the Media Monitors chart of national advertisers for the week of August 10th.

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