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The senior's income must fall into the federal guidelines of being 50 percent or less of the specific area's medium income. fall into the glass of. RELATED (11) fall readily into. While co-ops provide many wonderful opportunities for parents and students alike, you can fall into the co-op trap. fall clearly into. Synonym: fall under. Once you know when you are likely to fall into habitual lying, you can consciously begin to make changes. When we think of these efforts as just another technology project we fall into a trap.. Styling Tips: Always blow dry bangs first, before hair has time to fall into the natural wave pattern. He disbelieves in Job's integrity, and desires him to be so tried that he may fall into sin. Most plus sized women fall into one of the four common body shapes: apple, pear, rectangle or hourglass. It has been accepted for some time now that the majority of the fungi proper fall into three main groups, the Phycomycetes, Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes, the Schizomycetes and Myxomycetes (Mycetozoa) being considered as independent groups not coming under the true fungi. Compare the cards that fall into each category before making a decision. Random good picture Not show. categorys to say welfare regimes fall into broad categories. Example sentences with the word fall. fall for sth definition: 1. to be tricked into believing something that is not true: 2. said when you recognize a trick and…. A road has been cut through the centre of the building, the mosque turned into barracks, and the hall of audience allowed to fall into ruin. Learn more. tumble neatly into. 22. As an air sign, Gemini tends to fall into conflict with Sagittarius (opposite signs also tend to share intense attraction). They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. Now the state or government comes at a certain stage of organization: small groups are drawn together; powerful corporations fall into line; a national feeling develops; eventually the state as we know it is formed. Numerous torrents pour down from the two boundary ranges, and unite in the plains to form large streams, which fall into the chief streams of the district, which are the Irrawaddy, Hlaing and Bassein, all of them branches of the Irrawaddy. The voluminous works of Chrysostom fall into three groups. Jobs for freelance writers generally fall into one of two categories: single projects or repeat assignments. 153+7 sentence examples: 1. The vacuum pan is erected at a height which commands the crystallizers, each of which will, as in days gone by in Cuba, hold the contents of the pan, and these in their turn are set high enough to allow the charge to fall into the feeding-trough of the centrifugals, thus obviating the necessity of any labour to remove the raw sugar from the time it leaves the vacuum pan to the time it falls into the centrifugals. The dialog does occasionally fall into the trap of being overly descriptive with the worst offender being during Gary Russell's cameo appearance. While some of these kids fall into a variety of scandals, others grow up to lead surprisingly normal lives. 26 April 2020 inasentence. All of these fall into the first period before the advent of Arabian medicine. During the time of the barbarian invasions much of the protective system was allowed to fall into decay; but the latter part of the middle ages saw the works resumed with great energy, so that the main features of the present arrangement were in existence by the close of the 15th century. The chain-of-events had unfolded the way she planned, except that Gabriel didn't fall into her lap, and she had lost all her power in the process. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Persons who are prescribed medications which fall into three drug categories are most at risk for prescription drug addiction. Most dog cages fall into two categories, wire, and high density plastic. had defined the north-east boundary of the United States as extending along the middle of the river St Croix " from its mouth in the bay of Fundy to its source " and " due north from the source of St Croix river to the highlands; along the said highlands which divide those rivers that empty themselves into the river St Lawrence from those which fall into the Atlantic Ocean, to the north-westernmost head of Connecticut river; thence down along the middle of that river to the forty-fifth degree of north latitude.". ; Everything had to fall into place for this arrangement to work. The labours of Golgi, Marchiafava, Celli and others established the nature of the parasite and its behaviour in the blood; they proved the fact, guessed by Rasori so far back as 1846, that the periodical febrile paroxysm corresponds with the development of the organisms; and they showed that the different forms of malarial fever have their distinct parasites, and consequently fall into distinct groups,. Amazingly, often is the case that baby will naturally fall into a pattern of hunger that for many parents falls around the same times over a twenty-four hour clock. Because performers under 25 fall into the Younger Actor and Actress awards category, there was some confusion over those who turn 25 during the calendar year. Treat them as you did her, and you.ll find they fall into line. Families with They fall into three groups: inhibitors of clotting factor synthesis, inhibitors of thrombin, and antiplatelet drugs. The chief rivers on the west are the Nera (Nar), with its tributaries the Velino (Velinus) and Salto, and the Anio, both of which fall into the Tiber. He'll have to fall into line with the others. dignify fall into the trap of treating terrorists as enemy soldiers - that only dignifies them in their own eyes. Deidre let the tears fall that she'd held back. The iron-fields of Germany fall into three main groups: those of the lower Rhine and Westphalia, of which Dortmund and Dsseldorf are the centres; those of Lorraine and the Saar; and those of upper Silesia. He calls out to her, but she murders him and falls into a stupor. This Sophia then is certainly no longer the dominating figure of the light-world, she is a lower aeon at the extreme limit of the world of light, who sinks down into matter (Barbelognostics, the anonymous Gnostic of Irenaeus, Bardesanes, Pistis-Sophia), or turns in presumptuous love towards the supreme God (Bu06s), and thus brings the Fall into the world of the aeons (Valentinians).

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